Finding: Grindr

Finding a good sub is never an easy task. Many, and also some Masters, just talk in cyberspace and never meet up. All this talk gets boring very quickly. Being asked What Will You Do To Me? all the time is not horny. While I agree boundaries should be set, there’s no need to outline every detail.
In this post I will look at using Grindr to find a sub. To be a success hook-up app you have to have numbers, and this is Grindr’s strength. So many people complain about it crashing or having only one profile photo. None of that matters though. If guys are getting sex off it, they will return for more.
At first I avoided looking for kinky lads on this app. I stuck to the usual websites for kinky fun, and used Grindr to find twinks to fuck. I soon realised, though, that the world of kinky sex was no longer limited to the shadows. So many lads were willing to explore that it seemed a waste not to use Grindr to find subs to use and abuse.
A lot of people will skip over faceless profile on Grindr, unless they are offering something they are after. If you want to remain faceless then use your title to identify yourself as a Dom or boi, this can work very well. Just make sure you have a photo ready once you are asked.
Having said that I agreed to meet a lad without seeing his photo, and was very glad I did. He was a good little bitch and knew how to worship at a man’s feet.
One of the big success points on Grindr is being able to accom. If you have this on your side they you are more likely to have success. Another secret to Grindr is not to be shy. Tell a boi you are kinky and he will often say he’s always wanted to know what it’s like to be a used roughly.

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