Non-Sexual Meet

When I first chatted to Marc he made it clear he wasn’t after sex. He didn’t even want to suck me off. What he was after was kidnap and bondage. I love getting sucked off, but I enjoy bondage too. So I decided to give a non-sexual meet a go.

We agreed he would come round to mine saying he wanted to rent the place.

Once he arrived the flat viewing went well. He seemed quite interested in the place.

That was until we reached the bedroom. I came up behind him with a cloth doused with a dosesy drug. As Marc inhaled I told him not to worry and he was safe …

In his dosey state I removed his rucksack, coat and teeshirt. I sat him on the bed and then got him to lie straight in the middle of the bed. I grabbed his left hand and put a wrist-cuff on him, then bound his hand to the bedpost. Moving around the bed I did the same to his right wrist. He lay asleep and topless as I worked, placing a ball gag, collar and blindfold onto him.

After talking some photos I removed his black trainers to reveal his white socks. I had told him to wear white. His belt and trousers were undone, and then with his legs on my shoulders I removed these items of clothing.

Moving around the end of the bed I ankle-cuffed and bound him. He lay spread eagle and motionless to the bed. Looking vulnerable and sexy

Slowly he began to wake up, trying to move as he did so. He soon realised he was in trouble and naked apart from his socks. He struggled against the bounds, but they held tight. I remained quiet and let him discover his situation. I noted he was rock hard.

I reached down to his socked foot and began to tickle him. It was fun to watch he wiggle about. He did try and speak, I guess to ask what the fuck was going on. Luckily the ball-gag stopped his words making any sense.

After awhile I sat next to him and explained his situation.

“My mate knows you slept with his girl. So he paid me £100 to keep you out of the way. So my mate can do the same with your girlfriend.”

He struggled at this point and tried to speak. When would he accept the ball-gag stopped him talking?

“If you don’t give me any trouble I’ll release you when he texts me that’s he’s finished. If you give me problems I’ll put naked photos as you all over the Internet.”

He struggled again and tried to speak. I laughed at his helpless situation.

I left him alone for awhile, but when I returned I came bearing gifts. Ice-cubes! He didn’t seem to like his nipples being iced though. So I moved onto his cock and balls. Judging by his sniff cock he must be enjoying ice-balls. I gave his feet and armpit another tickling session.

As I wanted my trainers worshipped I decided to remove the ball-gag. I made it clear if he shouted he would get hit, and the photos would go online. Once the gag was removed he started to say I had the wrong guy and I had made a mistake. I just laughed at him and held some smelly, black socks in his face. They quieted him down for a bit.

After I had stuck my Nikes and socks in his face, and removed the blindfold, we chatted some more. All about him being the wrong guy and how I should release him. He then moved on to how he was going to phone the police afterward. I said the police wouldn’t give a shit. So he moved on to offering me more money than mate was paying. It was horny listening to him beg for release.

I used the dosey drug on him again and undid his bounds. I then padlocked the ankle-cuffed together, and then the wrist-cuffs. I used him as a footrest until he came back around.

In this new position he could move around a bit more, and it was fun to watch him struggle. At one point he was about to stand up, so I used the collar to pull him back to the bed. At this point I decided to go through his pockets. I informed him his girlfriend hadn’t called to see where he was when I found his mobile. He had his house keys and travel card too. In the travel card wallet I found £50, which I thanked him for. In his rucksack there was a pair if blue flip flops. I couldn’t help but give his white ass a slap with one! I then peeled off the white socks and put the flip flops on him. It was funny seeing a bound boi in just flip flops.

As he lay bound on my bed my mate txt to say he was done and I could release the cunt. I told him this and said before he left he had to lick my socks. He refused. So a taped the smelly black socks to his face and said he stayed like that until he agreed. I tied the collar to the end of the bed to keep him still. Then walked off and started preparing my meal for afterwards.

When I returned he agreed to my terms, smelly socks are an amazing motivator I guess! Though once removed he begged to do bare feet rather than more socks. I’m a generous guy, so I allowed this. He took to licking the soles of my feet with reluctance. I loved having my feet licked though, and filmed him doing it.

Once done I removed the ankle-cuffs and dog-collar. Before removing the wrist-cuffs though I held down his head and told him if he gave me any trouble the naked photos would be release. I got him to say ‘Yes Sir’ to show he understood.

With the cuffs removed he quickly got dressed. He continued to threaten the police and say this isn’t over. I lent against the wall smiling. As he was he walking out if the front door I asked if he was interested in the flat, he gave a firm response.


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