The Doctor Does House Calls


Many people get the wrong idea about submissive men, they think of them as stupid; that’s not true. I’ve used many subs and some of them have the most brilliant jobs and lives. They live in the nicest areas of London and are surrounded by good friends. They aren’t submissive because they are stupid, there’s part of their nature that means they need to serve and be bossed around by men.

I got a Grindr message from a blank profile saying he was submissive and loved sucking cock. As we chatted further he seemed to open up about wanting to be treated bad and all sort of needs came out of his mind. He admitted that we had chatted before but had chickened out of meeting me. He then said that he was a doctor and didn’t want to admit to himself his dirty desires. He finally sent a photo and he was a good looking Pakistani man in his mid-twenties. He even admitted that he liked  a bit of racist abuse.

We chatted for awhile about what interests him and it is clear he wants to be humiliated. Finally, he commits to a time and we have to wait for the clock to tick around.

It has been a warm winter so far in London and when the boi arrives his coat is open revealing his smart clothes. As he comes in he says he might get a call and have to leave. It doesn’t feel like he can stay for long. Even so I remove his coat and hold him against the wall by his neck.

“So you like serving men do you?”

“Yes Sir. I like serving white men.”

I give him a slap and laugh at him. Before I spin him around I spit in his mouth.

“Imagine if all your doctor mates and patients could see you now, pussy.  What would like they think?”

As he responds I unbutton his shirt and pull it off him; it joins his coat on the floor. It is at this point the boi says he doesn’t have long and hasn’t time to remove his shoes. It seems a strange thing to say but clearly the fag is still nervous. I undo his trousers and pull them, and his pants, down to his ankles. Moving away I call him over and he has to do a stupid shuffle to me. I give him more abuse for this.

This leads to the next stage of humiliation that that pussy begged for, for this is the first time I see his cock. Most men like to big up their own cocks but not all. This sub has told me he’s into Small Penis Humiliation, SPH. In most sessions I ignore a sub’s willy as it’s all about my cock, but as he has requested it seems only right. He has left his dark, wirey pubes untouched and they do a good job of hiding his little member. I ask him if it is hard, judging by the way it stands it is but it’s difficult to tell. I push his pubes aside with my manhood and it makes him look even smaller. I tell him it’s a good job he’s a gay bottom or there would be some disappointed girls around.  I tell him to hold it and he uses two fingers. Grabbing his other hand I put it on my cock and asks which he prefers. He instantly releases his and answers my cock.

I push him to his knees and slap my cock in his face. He accepts my collar.

“You want to suck my cock?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Beg, pussy.”

“Please can I suck your white cock, Sir. I’m here to serve. It’s my purpose. I want to please you.”

I grab his hair and pull him down on my cock. It feels good to have his sub gob around my cock. Holding his head I continue to get my cock serviced.

Pushing his head further down I get the pussy to service my socks. I give him verbal for serving me him his trousers around his ankles.

Getting him back up I turn around and the sub buries his face into my arse crack. His tongue comes out and he licks my sweaty ring piece. It feels great to have his face squeezed between my cheeks and his warm, wet tongue licking me.

Turning around I get my cock back inside him. I reach down and give his arse some spanks. The boi doesn’t stop the cock sucking and allows me to punish his arse.

The verbal and slaps continue as the pussy serves my cock. His phone has remained silence and the boi is fully concentrated on my cock. It is always horny to watch a boi accept its place in life and see him give 100% to his Master’s cock.

I push the boi against the wall so I can fuck his head without him moving backwards. Once in the right position I pound his skull and soon I’m at the point of cumming. It feels great to empty my balls down his throat and my spunk vanishes inside him.

“Thank you, Sir. Can you humiliate more more. I need to piss.”

I smile and grab an empty bottle from the kitchen. Passing it to him he puts his cock into the opening; his small penis fits easily inside the small opening. He stands, collared with his shoes on and trousers around his ankles. As he fills the bottle I give him some abuse about him being a cunt.

He shakes off his micro penis and looks at me.

“Drink it.”

The boi rises the bottle to his lips and tips the bottle upwards. The light yellow liquid follows my cum down the pussy boi’s throat.

With his abuse over I tell him to get dressed. It’s funny to watch him to pull up the underwear and pants he never removed. The boi clearly got off on the abuse as he has already been back for a slap. This time he was stripped to socks and collared; as a boi should be.

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