Straight Punishment

The phrase Straight Punishment is wrong as the straight lads who bow the knee to me really enjoy themselves, but part of the fantasy involves submitting to a man when they are so used to being with women. This page will gather together the posts where straight guys have approached me and begged to be used by a dominant gay man.


Have you ever had a fantasy where you get to have some fun with the straight lad from work? In this 3-part story the hot graduate to put in a trance and his colleague has some fun with him. This story incudes public humiliation and rough sex.

Straight Punishment

Over a Bank Holiday in 2020 I released a four part fiction story. The story was free to help us get through the pandemic Lockdown. We met up with Ash, a straight lad, and his girlfriend.

Straight Spanking

A straight lad offered his arse as he was desperate for a spanking. This boi didn’t just want a hand, but needed a belt to his arse. Just how long can a straight sub control itself around a real man, though?

Non-Sexual Meet

This lad made it clear what he wanted straight away, no sex just bondage. He also had a thing for flip-flops. So, I created a role-play for him and had my fun.


From Straight to Gay

It is always good to get a lad to return, and this straight lad for a thing for feet decided he had a thing for bondage, too. Read our little role-play and then how I got a gay regular to finish me off afterwards.

Bending the Straight

The term straight seems a bit null & void now a days with so many lads exploring different aspects of sex. No longer do they have to risk public toilets, hook-up apps give them access to the men they need quick and easy. So, plenty of them are happy to explore.

Straight For Feet

A blank profile on Grindr turned out to be a straight lad from Pakistan who has a thing for men’s feet. He embarrassingly tells me how much he loves being at the feet of men and how much it humiliates him to admit it.

Switch’s Garage

When the apprentice at a garage asks for some bedroom advice the sex advice takes a twist that both men enjoy. In this story you get to pick how you want the story to play out.

Happy New Queer

To celebrate the arrival of 2022 I wrote a multipart story which starts at a dull New Year Eve party. An engaged lad without his fiancé quickly shows an interest in humiliation.