My normal approach on Grindr is to make it clear I’m a Dom Top and then let the subs find me. I figure why waste time talking to lads I find attractive if they just say they aren’t kinky. I find fishing normally works well and means I hook the right sort of boi.

Of course, some just see the word Top and start to chat. After a while, they cry off as they realise they aren’t kinky enough. I’m always surprised by how many lads are immediately turned off by wearing a collar. I would have thought if they were that cock hungry a collar wouldn’t be a game changer. I have a cute Spanish sucker who calls it his necklace.

While watching TV I had the app open, but I wasn’t looking at it. Then some lad started a chat by asking if I wanted my cock sucked. Unless I have a proper session planned I’m always up for sitting back and enjoying a suck&go. Hey, what real man would refuse that offer?

I asked if he was kinky and liked it rough and he responded with a see how it goes attitude. Usually, that means a lad isn’t kinky and just wants cock down his throat. Who am I to judge their base needs?

Telling the lad to come in twenty minutes I continued to eat my food. Within five minutes he asked what would happen if he was early. I told him he would wait, he replied he was waiting outside ready. I continued my meal and allowed the horny dog to wait at my front door.

At the allotted time there was a knock and I allowed the cock sucker inside. Once his coat was removed I pushed him to his knees and he rubbed his face on my grey joggers; hardening my cock as he did so.

He barely saw me and we had only reached the halfway, yet the little bitch was ready to submit to my command. At this point, I figured he was a submissive even if he didn’t know it yet.

“Do you want to suck my cock?”


“Say Yes Sir.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You going to let me skull fuck you?”


Slap. He looked up slightly surprised but with no anger. He made no effort to get off his knees.

“Say it properly, slut.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I rubbed his head and told him he was a good boi. I told him it was good to show me some respect. When he replied correctly I pulled my cock out and kicked my joggers away. Holding my hardon I slapped him around the face. He tried to catch my cock in his mouth so I held his head still. I laughed as my cock beat the fag up. After some more begging, I slid into his gob and knew I had a true sub on my hands.

After sucking me for a while I ordered him to remove his shirt and he did so without distraction from his main purpose. On command he removed his trainers and trousers; then his underwear was cast aside. In just grey socks the fag returned to my cock. While he was stripped I grabbed my collar and as he sucked I buckle it around his neck. The sub said nothing and continued to work my manmeat in his gob.

Holding the collar I pulled him up and down on my cock; just so he knew who was in command.

Holding him away from my manhood I slapped his face and ordered him to thank me. Of course, he did.

Placing my balls on his nose they fell either side and he relished in the manly scent that filled his nose. His eyes looking upwards to his Master’s; they were full of admiration. This fag was clearly mine.

Without having discussed feet I grabbed the collar and pushed him down to the ground. Accepting his role to worship my whole body he began to kiss and lick my grubby white socks. As I looked down at him on his hands and knees I fired out plenty of verbal about owning his worthless body. The sub kissed harder.

With my hand under the collar, I moved the session to the living room. Soon the boi was knelt in front of me as I sat spread out on my sofa. With a movement of the eyes, the boi knew he had to get back on my cock. His eyes lit up and in no time my cock was back in his warm, wet gob. I sat back and stretched; allowing the oral pleasuring to radiate around my entire body.

When I slapped the boi he made no attempt to stop his task. This boi clearly loved eye contact and he stared at me as he served. Getting off on my pleasure. His worthless willy dangled limply; useless and ignored.

Pulling his head back I spat into his mouth. He swallowed, thanked me and smiled; the reaction already becoming natural to the bitch.

Resting my socked foot on my other knee a click and point sent the sub to its new location. He smiled as he rubbed his face in an attempt to transfer the manly scent to himself. His eyes continued to shine in delight.

“Have you worn a collar before?”

“No Sir.”

“Have you worshipped feet before?”

“No Sir.”

“Have you been treated like this before?”

“No Sir.”


“I fucking love it, Sir. Thanks for showing me my position in life.”

Again, the fag followed my nonverbal instruction to attach its face to my manhood. I reached down and gave his lily white arse a spanking. The slaps echoed around the room and the skin began to redden. The sucking continued uninterrupted.

Sitting back I once again relaxed as the sub worked on my needs. The boi kept looking up to make eye contact; always a good sign. For a while, I pulled my cock out of the sub and had a wank. Slapping my meat on his face as I did so. His hands wandered over my body; exploring me. As I got closer to climax I stuffed my cock back inside him.

Excitedly he worked me, as he could sense his treat was arriving soon. Finally, my release arrived and I exploded my cum into his mouth. The boi sucked hard and tried to drag as much seed out of me as he could. I could see his throat accepting me down inside him.

I gave the boi a rub of the head and told him he was a good boi. His eyes shone as he accepted his purpose in life.

Did you enjoy reading about a younger lad serving a man? Maybe it is time you started your journey with Zac – the Boy Band Slave.

3 thoughts on “Newbie

  1. Very hot story. Found you searching for places to meet dom masters in London. I love to serve and submit, show my obedience and get used hard. You sound perfect.


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