Dirty Thirty


For some people, the summertime increases their libido through the roof. As the parks and streets fill with people wearing less clothing the heat leads to cocks filling with blood and they need contact with another. As a pale-skinned Northern lad, the heat has the opposite effect on me. The humidity of London and a tragic event with a friend has put me off sex and updating this blog.

Of course, the pull of using a sub is strong and I have been getting messages to get back to normal service. The other evening I popped open Grindr and a nearby blank profile messaged saying they wanted to be used. The message was followed by a handful of photos which suggested more a top than a cunt. He showed off his tight black body and his long cock. One photograph had him naked on all fours showing off his arse, so I decided to follow up.


As people know who have read Black Week, I like a good black sub boi. It turned out this guy had explored a little with regular fucks but never fully embraced his submissive side. We talked for a while so I could see how serious he was. I don’t mind inexperience as long as there is a willingness and from chatting to this lad it quickly became apparent that there were few limits, the boi was opening up to new things. I told him to wear white socks and come over. He asked if there was anything else he needed for the session. I told him I’d sort out the rest, he just needed socks and to be clean, it was all about Master’s scent.

The boi was pretty local, visiting friends, so his arrival was quick. He was mostly dressed in black but all that was removed once he was pushed up against my wall. I noticed he was wearing odd socks but they were both full length and white. As I held his face against the hallway wall I slapped his cute, black arse and he groaned in response. I think he thought we would chat for a bit and then get on with it but I didn’t invite him over for talking.

I told him to switch his brain off and let nature take over. He had little choice to be fair.

I turned him around and pushed him to his knees. He took slaps and spit like a little bitch. I showed him my collar and did my standard verbal contract: Once the collar was on he became my property. I’d respect the limits he has given but this was his chance to back out.

The standard response came; he lowered his head to allow the black, leather collar to be fitted.

Pulling the bitch into my groin he clearly loved rubbing himself against the treat beneath my clothes. All sort of homophobic and racist abuse came out of my mouth; the little slut lapped it up. The words had their effect on him and his inner fag slowly began to come out. I told him how his mates would laugh at him and he said he didn’t care.

Pushing his face down my Nikes got a tonguing and he pushed his nose inside them to get my scent. It may have been his first proper time but it was already clear it wouldn’t be his last. The little bitch was on heat and trying to deal with all the dirty thoughts going through his sub-mind. I grabbed him by the collar and moved him into the bedroom.

There my shorts came off on his face attached to my underwear. The boi looked so happy cupping my bulge and knelt next to his Master. His tongue slid underneath and gently licked my balls. He clearly loved the taste of my ballsack.

I made him beg to have my cock the inside his gob. It’s best to make a slut realise how important cock is to them. Order them to stare at it and really think about what they are going to do. Make them accept their role in life is pleasuring men. Offering up their body for the higher goal of a real man’s erection. The bitch pleaded to have me in him. It was horny to see the desperation in his eyes as he humiliated himself to be allowed to give me a blowjob.

The slut finally got to taste my cock and instantly gave it his full attention. The happy sounds of slurping came up from the kneeling slut. I placed my hand on his head and encouraged him to go faster. Then I move to hold my collar. The tightening of the leather around his neck sent a message to his brain of Ownership. Some subs question why I keep them in socks, but none question the collar. An instant symbol of the pussyboy’s position in life.

I pulled him off my manhood and made him tell me how much he loved sucking me off. The words of joy gushed out of his dumb mouth. Using the collar I moved him onto the bed and position him on all 4s. He had a hot body and his rounded black arse was beyond temptation. As his Master, I don’t have to resist temptation and take what I fucking want.

I spat on his hole and slid a finger inside. His back arched and his body began its little dance that encouraged men to come inside. I added lube to the mix and in no time he was opening up. He spoke to say he hadn’t been fucked for two months. As one hand worked his hole the other spanked his arse. I told him he should be using his holes to serve men as often as possible. Even men he didn’t find hot. His job was to please.

The encouragement rolled over his lips: “Please, daddy, fuck me.”

His hands reached back and pulled his arse cheeks apart, his opened hole flashed the pink of inside and my cock slid into the welcoming ring. His hands dropped away and he groaned as I stretched him open with my engorged penis.

My hands moved around his waist and held him tight so I could build up speed and force on his cunt. The boi knew he had nothing to do but take the pounding I was giving him. I imagined his eyes rolling backwards as I made him my property.

I grabbed my collar and pulled his head up as I continued to pound out my enjoyment. I had gone to the gym earlier and was sweaty. I wiped some sweat up with my free hand and rubbed it in his hair. This boi would leave scented of its Master.

I ordered him to bark but no noise left his body. I pulled out and attached him to my leash. Pulled it short and ordered him again. Nothing. He was pulled off the bed and once on his knees I slapped his face. Still, my order was ignored. The only response was that I should continue to fuck him.

With the leash, I pulled him out of the bedroom. He stubbornly refuses to move and still no bark. The boi was disobeying a simple order and that meant it was in trouble. I told him I’d put him out in the yard if he continued to disrespect me. Nothing. So the dragging continued.

Although it was evening it was still light enough for the neighbours to see my new animal if he ended up outside. What they would make of a black lad in just his socks and wearing a collar would be very interesting.

I put my foot into the kitchen and our journey neared the end. I had picked up the backdoor key and made it clear this was happening. The sub might be new but needed to learn commands were followed. I looked back at him again and raised my eyebrow. Even a stupid sub knew this was its last chance. No noise.

I turned towards the door.

As I turned the silence was finally broken by the most pathetic woof from the cunt’s mouth. With that tiny noise, though, I knew he was mine.





The aim wasn’t pup play, as such. Just to get him to do something embarrassing because I ordered it. To bring out the Inner Fag you have to take a boi out of his comfort level.

With the bark extracted, I took him to the bathroom and put his head in the toilet. With his legs kicked apart, I slid back into him and continue the fucking. As I fucked I told him all the things I do in the toilet laughing at his head in the bowl.

After some pounding, I used the collar to bring him to his feet and took him into the kitchen. Once pushed over the counter my cock found its way back inside him. The boi took it for a while and then turned, lifted himself up on the worktop and spread his legs. This slut clearly liked its legs in the air. I took what was on offer.

Finally, I moved my fuck toy to the living room and completed the Fuck Tour of my flat. The boi hadn’t been sorted out for a while so I saw it as important to remind it what its hole was for.

To finish I took us back to my bed and had him on his back. The second his back hit the bed his legs parted and went up in the air. His white socks waving around like flags of surrender. With my cock back inside him I held his arms down and spat in his face. The boi had pretty much ignored his willy, it had remained hard throughout.

The little pussy was clearly loving being reminded of its purpose and I was enjoying his black arse. The pounding continued until I felt I was close to cumming. I pulled out, walked around the bed and positioned myself over his face. Wanking my cock as his head lay at the end of the bed. I could feel my orgasm approaching. I slapped his face with my manhood and then my cum began to explode out of me. The boi loved the facial and opened his mouth to taste my treat. As the cum came to the end I wiped my cock in his hair. As he started to wank he opened his mouth wide and I stuck myself back into him. He sucked me clean until his body shook from his climax.

Unsteadily he got to his feet and I uncollared him. There was a huge smile on his face and then he spoke.

“With my 30th this year I wanted to try some new stuff. That was fucking amazing.”

Not surprisingly he has been messaging and begging to return.


2 thoughts on “Dirty Thirty

  1. Beautiful post as always. I tried to contact you some time ago, because I really would like to serve and please you like the inferior male I am. I sent you an email to an address I found here. Please contact me back on pulpred@mail.com or leave here an active email. A professional Londoner.

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