HypnoPhones 2: The Professor

All across the world the rich, the famous and the powerful have been beating a path to one man’s door. This man promises to solve their problems and improve their lives. The Professor is a master of hypnosis. Based in New York he has changed the lives of his patients for the better. Well, mostly for the better. Sometimes, while they are deep in a trance, he has made suggestions they were not expecting.

The Professor path’s is about to cross with David Green and Craig Metcalfe from the original HypnoPhones story. He is intrigued by what they have been up to and their straight houseguest, James Jakeman.

James is still unsure why he behaved so strangely at work that he managed to get himself fired, but one of his inquisitive friends is determined to find out the truth. Of course, if he does, David’s life will fall apart.

The second ebook in the hypnosis series

This is a gay erotic story for the open-minded reader and follows on from the first HypnoPhones book. This hypnotic novelette is around 33,000 words. You can read a free preview of the book by clicking here.

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