Grindr Gaymoji


Grindr has introduced a new element to its App and it seems to be pretty popular. Embracing the trend to replace words with pictures here comes the Gaymoji! There are a lot of emojis added which you can now send as if they were photos. More impressively Grindr are letting everyone use these for free!

Along with the normal emoticons you would expect, the eggplant and cockerel, there are quite a few nods to the kinky gays. It is good to see Grindr allowing us kinky lads the chance to express ourselves through pictures.

Here are a few of the emojis I thought were worth highlighting.

I have written a post before about emojis being used as the new hanky code. In that post a foot fetish boi used the feet emoji to send out a message about his love of feet.

So, next time you are on Grindr, tap on the smiley face above your keyboard and have a look through the emojis you could be sending out.

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