Blows & Goes


I have written before about my enjoyment of just using a lad for a blowjob; suck&go. Nothing says cheap slut like a sub dropping to its knees and accepting a cock in its warm, wet mouth.

It was Sunday evening and it felt like a long time since I had used a twink first thing that day. The twink was a 21 years old Grindr shag. He had been a couple of times and was enjoying have a local fuck buddy. I already had him wearing socks for sex and that morning I had collared him and got him calling me Sir. It is always fun to turn a boi kinky slowly. Just small changes each time introducing the bottom to a more naughty sex life.

Anyway, I digress.

I flicked open Grindr and left it open. I wasn’t desperate for sex but I figured a little fishing could do no harm.

Soon the normal Grindr beep sounded and I saw a very closeby lad was after sucking my cock. He had messaged me because he needed a quick session and just wanted to suck. He also wanted to be treated rough.


In no time the boi was messaging to say he had walked around the corner and was waiting outside; I gave it a minute or two before getting up. When I opened the door he was waiting outside wearing a hoodie due to the chilly September night. Taking the hint the boi walked in, I closed the door and pushed him to his knees. It is obvious that my hallway is shared with upstairs but he didn’t know that there was no one living there currently. I pulled out my semi hardon and it vanished inside his mouth.

“That’s right, fag, get that inside you. If my neighbours come back they can have a go, too.”

We were never going to be disturbed but I know sluts like a sense of danger.

Once the bitch had me hard I grabbed the sides of his head and took over. Thrusting and pulling his head on my cock. The boi started making choking sounds but he had said this is what he was for. He wanted a man to use his face as a fuck hole.

After a brief rest, I moved the sub against the wall and skull fucked him in a position where he couldn’t move backwards. The little bitch was loving it. His hands rested on my legs but he made no effort to stop the pounding. He was clearly very happy lying on my hallway floor, head against a wall and cock ramming him.

The gurgling noises continued.

I pulled him back on his knees and while holding the back of his neck I pulled the back of his trackies down. We had agreed on no anal but I felt it important to expose the little cunt’s arse. It sent the right message that if I wanted to I could pound his boicunt, too. He allowed himself to be inspected and took a spanking. He was keeping his hands away from his own willy; always a good sign.

With his bare arse pointing at the front door, I went back to skull fucking the little slut. I slapped the side of his face and he merely turned his head so the next slap would land harder. As we continued his hands worked down my legs are were resting on my black socks; another good sign if I decided to use him again.

Reaching for his hoodie a took a hold of it and his tee shirt. I then used his clothing to rock him backwards and forwards on my cock. The fag clearly loved it as the choking noises increased. There was no need for me to thrust as I used his clothing to move his head for my pleasure. It felt great to be standing in my hallway using this sluts gob to pleasure myself.

With a quick break for verbal and spanking, I pulled the boi’s hoodie over his head. Gripping hold of the side of the hood I soon held the boi moving up and down my cock in the perfect motion. The hood might he could have been anyone and he was just a hole for my cock. Better for me to use him than wank myself before bed.

The motion of the hood pulling brought me towards my orgasm and I felt his hands tighten on my legs as he sensed his treat was coming.

As my cum shot out of me I pulled him right down on my cock so it flowed straight into this willing receptive. After a couple of thrusts to empty my balls, I released the hood. The boi immediately went about licking and kissing any drops of my seed. It was clear my cock had become this lad’s world and he didn’t want to leave it. I gave him some time to tidy me up.

I reached down and pulled the cumdump to his feet and spun him around. My salvia covered cock touched his arse as he turned around. I pulled open the door and pushed the slut into the night. As the door closed I saw him pulling up his clothes to cover his lily white arse.

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