Hi-Viz Sucker

Sometimes a man just needs to have his cock sucked. For real men having their dick inside a warm, wet mouth is a basic human right. It is why cottages used to be so popular. A cottage is a men’s toilet where subs would hang around in the hope of worshipping their most desired object. Men would flop their cocks out to piss and realise they needed to release their sexual tension and that’s where the sub became of use.

I was working from home when an almost blank profile tapped me on Grindr. The only info was the title: Suck you. I asked for a face pix and as you can see from the screenshots below the warm, wet hole responded quickly. In no time I got a message saying it was at the door.

When I looked out of the window I saw what looked like a builder wearing a yellow hi-viz vest.

I opened the door and we exchanged a nod as the builder walked in. Once its boots were off I walked it through to the living where I had Sky Sports on playing an old Premier League game.

As I stood in front of the sofa the builder approached and I pushed it down onto its knees. Still, we had not spoken. There was no need to speak. There was only one reason its mouth was in my flat and it was not to articulate thoughts.

My shorts were pulled down quickly and my cock vanished inside the new hole before it. My hand cupped the back of the sucker’s head and encouraged the hole to move at the optimum speed to pleasure my daddy dick.

The sucker did not attempt to touch itself and, as I had said this was just a suck&go, I let it work. Still, we had not spoken. There was no need to speak.

I sat down and it readjusted its position without letting my cock slip out of its mouth. Silently the builder bobbed up and down on my hard, fat dick. Its full concentration was on that one object and that was the most important thing in the world to it.

As I watched I saw the sucker’s left hand resting on my body and the gold ring encircling the wedding finger. I smiled that this little cunt was so desperate for cock it broke its wedding rows just to have a man inside it. I wondered if it was married to a woman, but I didn’t ask the question. Still, we had not spoken. There was no need to speak.

It worked my manhood with hands, tongue, mouth and throat. The little slut clearly loved cock and was quite content on its knees in front of a man.

I watched it moving up and down on me, sometimes I watched the footy.

After a good period of having my cock sorted out the sucker picked up on a change in my breathing, it sped up to bring my climax on. The only things in its head were the thought of getting my cum and my hardon.

I moved my hand to the back of its head. I wanted to make sure the hole stayed on my cock. The cocksucker seemed like the sort to finish the job, but it’s important to send a message. It had done a good job and earned the reward of a belly full of daddy’s milk.

My head rested back as my orgasm rushed out of me. The explosion of seed leaving my balls felt amazing and even better that it was shooting into the sucker knelt before me. It felt so good to fill up another sub and mark it as my property.

As my cum squirted out of me the sub worked hard to swallow down all its treat. The slut clearly loved having a man inside it. It wanted to return to the building site with a belly full of spunk. It wanted to digest my life-giving sperm into its body and for me to become a part of it.

As it happily pulled away it spotted some cum still leaking from me and immediately moved back. This sub needed everything out of my balls. Still, we had not spoken. There was no need to speak.

Once I was done the sub returned to the hallway to pull its boots on. As it headed to the front door and back to work it mumbled two words.

“Thank you.”

It is good when a sub recognises it has been lucky to be able to suck cock and shows gratitude for the honour. Of course, I said nothing and then the hole was gone, but I wasn’t surprised to get a Grindr message telling me it was available the next day. It was a greedy slut.

21 minutes to get a sub:

Location & Arrival
Gratitude & Greed

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