Boy Band Slave

Boy Band Slave Series

8-0-1 is the biggest boy band in the world. Their fans follow them loyFacebook Pageally and one tweet from the lads can crash the internet. However one band member holds a secret.

The Boy Band Slave is an gay adult book series looking into the kinky sex life of Zac.

Book 1: Hotel

Boy Band Slave -1 HotelThe first book in the series is now available on the Kindle and is called Hotel. It deals with the first meeting of the two main characters.

Book 2: Club

Boy Band Slave 2 Club

The second installment of the Boy Band Slave is called Club, and it follows Zac and his Master to a fetish club in south London. It is now available for Kindle for your enjoyment. Can Zac keep his Master happy, enjoy his first sex show and avoid the paparazzi? Only one way to find out …

Book 3: Berlin

Moving cities we find Master and boi exploring Berlin. With a few days away from their busy schedules how will their relationship develop? Just how busy will a playroom and sex club keep them? Also how many others will join the fun? Find out in the next installment of the Boy Band Slave, ready for your Kindle now.

Book 4: Zac

With the shocking news from Berlin spreading across the globe we take a step back in the fourth book: Zac. Looking at his story we see how our Boy Band Slave got through the competition, and just what he did to impress the judges. Read the next installment of the Boy Band Slave, ready for your Kindle now.

Book 5: Reunions

All good things must come to an end and now we are at the fifth book of the Boy Band Slave: Reunions. In this book we continue following the story from Zac perspective and from the shocking reveal at the end of book 4. Zac has to make up his mind about the future, as we all know, sometimes a slave does not get a say in what happens. Find out who ends up holding his leash by reading the final installment on your Kindle now.


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