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UPDATE: Due to change in the American law Craigslist have stopped allowing personals to be posted. The US law called Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act came into force in March 2018. Craigslist approach is to shut down a popular section of their site because it might be abused my a small section of people. If we took this approach to everything there would be no books in the world. Craigslist needs to manage its site better, rather than just running away from a challenge. The social media giants have to accept they have responsibilities and cannot just run scared from them.

Finding a good sub is not an easy task. Many inferiors just want to talk in cyberspace and never meet up. For a Master all this talk gets very boring very quickly. Being asked What Will You Do To Me? all the time does not get a Master horny. Whilst I agree boundaries should be set, there’s no need to outline every detail.

In this post I will look at using Craigslist to find a sub.

Craigslist is a free website which allows people to find an item or service near them. Most major cities have a Craigslist, so of course London does. After the city you can pick the thing your after, so I pick Men Seeking Men within the Personals section. The Posts are then listed with the latest at the top. A post can be just text or include a photo. If you are posting it is always best to include a photo, as this will get you noticed more. The Search function is ideal for finding keywords or locations, though it is always worth having a scroll down the list. A lot of times people are after fast meets, but you can reply to older posts.

One of the issues with Craigslist is you can end up in a game of tennis email. you should try to stick to your key requirements:

  1. Photos. Do you fancy each other?
  2. Have you a place to meet?
  3. Are you free at the same time?
  4. Do your requirement match?

With these four basic questions answered positively you should try to organise the meet as soon as possible. Of course you can put the other person off if you aren’t careful. I’ve had lads go quiet for weeks and then suddenly reappear.

It is always worth changing your posts slightly, to see if it is gets better response. This is my current text for a Post:

Looking for A Sub Boi

Looking for a sub boi who is willing to serve a man. I use a boi stripped to his socks and collared.

Area of use include bondage, slaps, smacks, foot worship, verbal, piss, spit, etc.

Can easily accom. Prefer younger, but willing to discuss if you send face pictures.

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