Bending The Straight


Regular readers of my blog will know that I quite often have straight lads offer themselves up for abuse. Whether a session is limited to just feet, bondage or no-holes-barred is entirely up to them. Sometimes these straights are new to men and sometimes they are more bisexual. Whatever their position on the spectrum it doesn’t bother me, as long as they are willing to bend the knee. I guess it must be horny for these lads to break from their norm and give up control for a while.

This week a blank Grindr profile messaged me and said he was in the area and needed to suck on cock. Well, I’m always up for a suck&go so I told him fine. It soon became clear he was a good submissive and he opened up to a list of likes; making the meet more interesting. He also said he occasionally did men but was all about women. As a good Asian lad, no one knew he enjoyed the odd cock rammed down his throat. I reassured him I was discreet and lived alone. I never get what discreet really means: If I see him on the street I’m not to limply wave, shout Gurlfriend and mince over to him???

The guy arrived much quicker than I thought he would and headed straight to my bedroom. I handed over a bottle of poppers and he inhaled them deeply. I stood behind him giving him some verbal and rubbing his arse. Although his limits included no fucking it’s always good to give a lad’s arse a feel.

The poppers seemed to relax him and with the lid back on I pushed him to his knees. Moving around him my groin was soon in his face and he began to rub himself on my shorts; feeling my hardening cock. I gave his face a gentle slap but it didn’t distract the boi from the object of his desire.

“Do you want to suck my cock?”


“Say it properly, boi.”

“I want to suck you cock.”

I pulled the lad’s head back and spat in his open mouth. After another slap to his face, I pulled down my jogging bottoms. My cock got the lad’s attention but I held him off and cock slapped him for a while.

“How’s it feel to be beaten up by a cock?”

He does not answer as his tongue is stuck out trying to taste me. I released his head and he slid my manhood into him. Once he got going he looked up and worked on my cock vigorously. It’s good to see the boi had been trained to make eye contact. It is always a great sight to see my cock inside a lad’s mouth. Holding the side of his face I encouraged him to work a little faster. His world was now all about my cock inside him.

After letting him free-suck for a while I grabbed the sides of his head and hold him steady. Thrusting my cock inside him I enjoyed fucking his skull. I pulled him right down onto me and held myself deep inside him. He tapped my legs but I kept him in position a while longer. When I did release him he took a moment to recover and then he got back to sucking me. I like that nothing gets between a cocksucker and a cock.

I sat down on my bed and the sub moved to its new position. I rested one of my socked feet on his leg and my hand on the back of his neck. The boi pulled his shoes off but struggled to pull off his trousers. I told him to get up and remove his stuff and I help with his shirt. I am pleased to see he leaves on his socks without instruction; black socks with red toes and heels. He dropped back to his knees and kept on sucking.

Grabbing him I pulled him onto the bed and on all fours. A limit is no fucking but he stayed in position and I ordered him to popper himself up. Spitting on his hairy hole I give his boicunt a rub; he groans. I moved closer and slid my wet cock along his arse crack. The boi put his head down and pushed his arse up; it’s just natural to him. I dry hump him for a while but don’t try to break his limits. Climbing onto the bed I dragged the lad over and got him back to showing off his oral skills.

The boi sucked and looked to be loving having a thick cock to salivate all over. I encouraged his worship with spit, slap and holding him down. The boi seemed dizzy with joy and poppers.

After a good long suck my balls moved up and my breathing got quicker as I felt my orgasm coming. The boi picked up on this and serviced me faster. Soon I am exploding into his mouth and felt the great relief of cumming in a bi boi.

I laughed at the sub as he ran to the toilet trying not to swallow my seed!




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