Language No Barrier


Quite often on apps, you get guys saying their English isn’t very good. It is a brave decision to move to a country where you don’t speak the lingo. I remember when I first met the Spanish lad in the post Just Friends and A Urinal. He explained in excellent English that he had been in London a year and had arrived speaking no English.

Yesterday another Spanish lad popped up on Grindr saying his English was bad but he was kinky and wanted using. Of course, I made the joke about hoping he had other oral skills which made up for not speaking English.

The only issue with this sort of meet is sorting out limits. I prefer to get a lad’s limits sorted before a meet rather than having him say No to me in the middle of a session. The lad did say he only did safe sex and didn’t like his eyes covered.

The main thing keeping me interested was the 24 years old was his stunning good looks. He ticked all the classic Mediterranean with his dark, moody looks. His body was also a photo of perfection. I asked if he had white socks. I expected a questioning response but instead, this photo popped up a minute later.

I sent over my location details and asked when he was setting off. He said he would shower and head on over.

In less than 30 minutes the sub was messaging to say he was on my street. I opened the door and saw him walking towards me. He was dressed in black baseball cap, trainers and jogging bottoms with a white tee shirt. We barely grunted a greeting and then the boi was in my hall and against the wall. Any playing it cool by the sub immediately vanished as I pulled off his cap and tee shirt. He had wanted a man to use him and that was exactly what he was getting.

I held him by the neck and the boi groaned as he happily accepted his position. My other hand wandered over his lightly hairy chest, passed his bulging hardon and gripped him by the balls. As I explored my new toy I spoke into his ear. He could clearly understand most words and the rest were understandable by my tone.

Pulling down his joggers I glimpsed his blue AussieBums briefly before they were removed. In no time the sub’s clothing was scattered around him and he stood waiting in his white Puma socks.

I reached into the living room and removed my collar from a shelf. The sub passively allowed itself to be collared and the final part of its uniform was in place.

Holding the sub by the collar I pulled him into the living room so I could inspect my toy. His cock stood at full mast but totally ignored. His slim body looked very horny and his white socks made his skin look even browner. He stared at his Master, clearly content to be a little bitch.

As I walked behind him a spanked his arse and he pushed it out further to encourage the punishment. Once I was done I ordered him to say ‘Thank you, Sir’ in his sexy Spanish accent. The sound of me slapping his face then echoed around the room.

I pushed him to his knees and he instinctively rubbed his face on my shorts. Grabbing his hair I pulled his head back and spat at his open mouth. Some of the spit landed on his face. He brought his hand up, wiped up the spit and sucked it off his finger; all whilst staring up at me.

A finger click and point sent the sub down to my black and white Nike where he hugged them and pushed his nose inside. I’m wearing black sports socks with two white hoops at the top; the same socks I went to the gym with earlier. I see the sub’s chest expand as he desperately sucks my scent into him.

Leaning over I parted his arse cheeks and exposed his pink ring. The boi groaned as he was inspected. With spit on my finger, I probed his tight boicunt. With the sub’s tight grip on my Nike I pulled my foot out and I felt his face rub against my socked foot; a delight to his mind.

Kicking off the other Nike I drop my shorts and the sub’s attention moved to my underwear with his mouth wrapped around my manhood through the fabric. I ask if he wanted it and he looked up with pleading eyes. His hands slide up and down my legs.
When I pull off my underwear his eyes became totally focused on my cock. I took it in my hand and slapped his face; he loved it. After each slap, I leave it on his face a little long. At first enough time for a kiss, then a licking and finally I vanish inside his welcoming mouth.

When a boi finally gets a cock to suck on his entire being fixates on swallowing it down. I gave the boi the time he needed with my cock; just the odd slap to encourage him. I reached down and spanked his arse too. Nothing distracted him.

I gave the order to get up and use the collar to make my intention clear. Reluctantly the boi left my cock and stood up. I twisted him around and my saliva dripping cock slid between his firm arse cheeks. It’s important for a boi to feel his Master cock in this area.
I walked the boi in front of me and we headed to the bedroom. Often a change in location can put a new spin on a session. Once this boi is on my bed he turned onto his back and showed off his sexy body. I climbed onto the bed, his legs wrapped around me and I leant down to kiss the sub. My hands moved his hands above his head and I held them there. The boi loved the feeling of being pinned down with a man between his legs. My tongue loved the feeling of exploring his mouth; claiming him as mine.

I stood on my bed and placed my socked foot onto his face. After the boi had inhaled a few times I pulled the sock off and he revealed his love of feet. His wet tongue slid all over and he was clearly getting off on my size 11UK/12USA/46EUR.

I got down onto my back and the boi swiftly replaced foot with cock. He was showing off his oral skills for sure. I pulled him up and he headed straight to a nipple and sucked on it gently. I pulled him further up and he buried himself into my armpit. As he scented himself my hands moved up and down his body; spanking his arse.

After a few spanks, I became more inquisitive and my finger pushes between his cheeks and finds the entrance to his boicunt. I rubbed the plucked up area and felt the boi’s breath deepen against my pit.

I pushed myself up and put the sub in a natural fucking position: arse up, back arched and head flat on the bed. For a moment I got off the bed so I could grab my sweaty jock. The boi delighted in its scent as my spit soaked fingers explored his boicunt. The boi is tight but I can feel him beginning to accept me inside; opening up for his treat.
I reached over for lube and condom and I can see the boi moving his arse up and down; needing it fucked hard. When my cock head arrived at his hole he pushed back to get it in as soon as possible. I got the impression this sub hadn’t been treated like this for a while and had missed the firm hand of a man.

My thick cock spread his ring and the boi groaned into the bed. Once I was inside I moved my hands to his hips. Slowly I begin to slide in and out; looking down to see him taking him. His grip on my manhood feels amazing. The boi’s hands are near his head and my jock is on his face. The fag has my scent in his head and my cock in his arse; finally, he is content.

I took my pleasure from his hole, fucking it hard. Occasionally hearing Spanish words of encouragement mumbled into my mattress. As I thrusted inside him I pulled the boi back; letting him feel me deep inside. I watched my cock entering him; taking my pleasure from the sight of using his arse and the feeling.

The boi reached down and I felt him hold my balls through his legs.
I withdrew and the boi is clearly worried the fucking is over. I spun him onto his back though and with his white socks around my ears my cock slides back inside.
With my face above him, a spat on him and he opened his mouth. The dirty little sub lived being used roughly. I lean closer and we kiss. My cock in one hole and my tongue in the other.

This sub loved being penetrated. So I continued fucking long and hard.

With the boi still on his back, I climbed astride him with my cock pointing at his face. My wanking speeds up and my other hand holds onto the collar. The boi softly voices encouragement, desperately wanting my cum on him. Soon the first spray of my seed shoots out across his face. I moved down a little but this just encourages my cock to shoot further, like it needs to land my spunk in his eyes. I clearly haven’t wanked recently as my cum falls onto his face. The boi loved getting a facial and opened his mouth to ensure he tastes me.

As I climb off him I see his cock getting its first real attention as he tugs on it. By the time I’m stood next to the bed he is cumming over himself. Once he has had his release his hands fell away from his cock. I looked down at his exhausted, sun-kissed, cum drenched, sexy Mediterranean body and knew, without the need for words, it had been a very hot session.

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