Human Pup

As you know, I have a leather collar which I always put a sub in once they are stripped to their socks. I use the collar as a sign of ownership and control, but it does lend itself to pup play, too. As does the metal chain leash I own. Pup play is something I’ve done a couple of times but is not at the top of my list. I do like to hear a sub beg for use and thank me for allowing them to lick the sweaty parts of my body.

A lot of my Grindr posts on here seem to start with a blank profile messaging me. I know some people won’t even acknowledge someone without photos, but I tend to hear them out. The lad behind the blank profile in this story is in his mid-twenties and has some good statistics. He also sent a few photos that made him look very usable. The profile was titled Pup.

This lad said he didn’t meet guys that often and the Pup title was not him trying to be cute, he genuinely wanted to be my dog. After a while, the boi sent a face pix and he looked alright. I told him if he wanted a bone he would have to work hard. He promised he would and told me he was at work but was already in white socks.

He was keen to come that day, which was possible as it was a Friday and I was working from home. We moved the chat to WhatsApp and I noticed he immediately vanished from Grindr. He said he never kept the app on his phone and he had me so didn’t need to keep on searching. I, of course, reminded him that he didn’t have me and he better keep making an effort.

He finished work mid-afternoon and jumped on a bus which would deliver him to my doorstep. On the journey, he was messaging about being nervous and unsure as he had never really been a pup. I told him he needed to put his nerves to one side as he clearly wanted this badly. He had got himself this far and he was now in reaching distance of his fantasy.

I told him once he arrived he was not allowed to speak. He would bark once for Yes Sir and twice for No Sir. If the lad wanted to be a pup he had to get himself into the right headspace.

He replied that his limits were no photos and safe sex only. He said he had a girlfriend and would only have anal if I wore a condom. He also said his arse was incredibly tight and he usually didn’t enjoy being fucked. I told him I’d deal with that.


Quicker than I expected I got the “I’m outside, Sir” message from my latest toy. The lad looked good and entered my flat with a nod. I was pleased he didn’t speak but his rucksack blocked me from checking out his arse. I wasn’t too concerned, I knew he would be naked in a minute.

Once he was inside he removed his rucksack and I grabbed him by the back of his neck. Once he was pushed up against my wall I grabbed his tight little straight arse, it’s always good to have a firm grope.

I pulled off his tee-shirt and pushed myself up against him. Once I was up close I could feel the poor little puppy shaking so I stroked his hair to calm him.

“Don’t worry, pup. I’ll look after you and be a good Master to you.”

A pathetically weak woof came out of him, so I ordered him to bark properly. The second bark was better and I made him continue to bark as I undid his trousers. My hand gripped his exposed lily-white, smooth arse and I knew I wanted to get inside there. When our session was over his ring would not be as tight as was now.

It was important to make him bark and only allow him to bark. For the inner-pup to come out I had to show him I was fully committed to our session.

I ordered the rest of his clothing off and inspected my new pet as it stood in just white socks. I then grabbed him by the back of the neck and took him to the living.

“Get on all fours, pup.”

The pup immediately drops to the ground and proudly waits on his hands and knees. As I stroke from his head to his arse, I saw him shake his arse, it was a sign of excitement but also a temptation. I sat down on the sofa and took his head in my hands.

“That’s it, pup. You’re tired of being a stray, aren’t you? You need an Owner.”

The pup tongue fell from its mouth as he listened to his master’s voice. My strong hands continued to stroke and reassurance the nervous animal.

“I’m going to put my collar on you now and that means I own you.”

As well as collaring the dog I also clipped on my leash to increase my control of my new pet. As I did the pup continued to wag his arse.


The animal picked up on the change in tone of my voice and immediately obeyed.




The pup placed his head on the floor but kept his arse in the air. I enjoyed this exposed position and stood up to take in the sight. His arse cheeks were pulled apart and I eyed up his arsehole, which had some hair around it. I spat on my fingers and began to rub the hole. As I did I told the pup what I planned to do to him. He barked once in response.

That position meant the dog’s bollocks were on display and hanging between his hind legs. I grabbed them and squeezed them. The pup flinched but remained in position.

“I’m going to have these removed, pup. A neutered dog is better than a frisky dog. I’ll have these taken off and keep them in a jar next to my bed. That way we both know who owns who.”

There is a single bark in response.

Once I’m stood back in front of the pup my trainers are near his face and he begins to lick them clean. I give his head a scratch to let him knows he’s doing well. Kicking off a trainer allows him to spend some valuable time worshipping the white socks I’m wearing.

After some time I brought the pup up so he could push his head into my groin. He rubbed my hardon through my jogging shorts. I made him wine and beg for his bone. The pup was clearly desperate to move on to getting treats, and I’m keen to see if this pup is any good at oral.

Give a Dog a Bone

When freed of my shorts and my hard, thick cock bounced before the pup. His eyes followed it but I ordered him to stay and made him wait. I saw his nostrils flare as he dragged my smell deep into him.

As soon as the command was given my cock vanished inside the mutt and he happily began to suck on his treat. He kept looking up at me to make sure he was pleasing his Master. I encouragingly slapped his face to keep him alert. The pup wagged his arse to show how happy he was to be sucking on daddy dick. I sat down and allowed the pup to have the time it needed with my cock.

The pup had taken easily to wearing the collar and it felt horny that I had not heard him speak. The barking helped the session feel more controlled and with no voice, the dog knew his role was to obey.

I pulled the pup up as I stood and dragged him by the collar to the bedroom. It was time to see just how tight this straight arse was.

“As it’s a special day I’m going to allow you on the bed, pup. Up you go.”

On all fours, the pup explored the bed and enjoyed the treat of being on the furniture. As he did that I pulled one of my sweaty football socks out of the white Nikes I store them in. I keep them there to scent my trainers.

“Come and sniff this, pup. I want you to learn your Master’s smell.”

The pup happily buried his face into the sock and deeply breathed in the treat. While he did that I opened my toy box and I picked up the smallest butt plug. As soon as the pup saw it he licked it.

“This is your toy, pup. We are going to start with fetch and then advance your skills.”

A threw the butt plug a couple of times and the pup returned it. He obeyed the command to drop it in my hand. Once I ordered the pup to present his arse he turned and shows me his tight hole. Covering my finger in lube I slid inside. The pup tightened his claws on the bedding but takes the single finger.

In no time the finger is replaced with the small, black butt plug. The small plug is no real challenge and it quickly slid into the butt. I felt the grip on it tighten as it slotted into position. To open the ring up I gently pulled and pushed the widest part in and out of the ring. The pup slowly growls as he got used to the feeling.

With the small one inside I grabbed the medium plug and started playing fetch again. I told the pup if the small plug came out it would be replaced with the medium one. Of course, in no time the plug popped out and I got to insert the medium-sized plug. This one took a little more effort but soon it was inside. I used the small plug for fletch and the new plug remained firmly in place. It was good to see the pup getting used to having something inside his arse.

“Time to see if you can take some cock, pup. I’m getting jealous of these butt plugs having all the fun.”

The lad hadn’t listed many limits but two were no photos and safe sex. He didn’t want his girlfriend catching anything. So I rolled on a condom and lubed it up.

Dog with Two Tails

After ordering the pup to present its arse I stood next to the bed and waited. The pup proudly turned to present itself and I slid the plug out. My hard cock was ready to replace the object and immediately pushed through the ring. Although still tight, the plugs had done their job and I was soon deep inside.

I rocked the human-pup to get it used to having a man inside it and I watched as he gripped the bedding. I was pleased that he had not backed away from and his worry about being fucked was so far unfounded.

I reached for the collar to hold the lad in position as I increased my thrusting. I didn’t want to have to chase him around the bed as I gave him a good pounding. Once I pulled on the collar the pup arched his back downwards and growled as I rubbed on his prostate. Immediately I knew I now Owned this straight boi.

I found my rhythm and increased the hardness of my fuck. The pup was like a dog with two tails now and was loving its boning. As I fucked away he tried to look around to see his Master at work.

Confident his hole was now mine I pulled out and ordered the pup on his back. He immediately obeyed and as I got on the bed I ordered his paws up. He held his hands up like a begging dog as I slipped back inside. I held his legs as I pounded away and his white socks waved around as he took his fucking.

As I fucked him hard I ordered him to bark to show how happy he was. The pup growled and barked away. My sweaty football sock was still on the bed so I grabbed it and held it over his nose.

“That’s it, pup, take in your master’s stink. I want you to learn it.”

The pup was clearly happy and I was enjoying turning this straight on more than his girlfriend ever could. He knew to fulfil his fantasy he had to seek a real man that his inner-dog would be able to submit to.

I pulled out and threw away the condom. Moving around the pup I soon had my cock back in his mouth.

“That’s it, pup, suck that cock. You need to make me cum. I’m going to cover your face in my seed.”

After getting sucked for a while I laid back and called the pup over. He cuddled in and pushed his snout into my sweaty armpit. I could feel his happy growling vibrating against me. I gave him a tight squeeze and told him he was a good boi.

I moved the pup so he was lying with his head near the headboard and then I knelt over him. As I had straggled his chest he could not move his arms and he watched intently as I wanked off. My cock was directed in his face and he knew he was about to get covered in another man’s spunk. He looked up and me and barked to encourage me to spray him as my property.

After such a horny session my milk soon began to flow. My cum landed across his face. The straight boi watched my cock intently as I covered him in my seed. It felt great to finally empty my balls and give this lad a large facial. He continued to look up at me with white blobs covering him and lines of spunk. I could see my cum running off the bridge of his nose.

The lad looked horny drenched in my sperm.

“Look at my pup now, dripping in spunk. You don’t look very straight now! I’m not going to let you cum. You have to go all the way home as horny as fuck with no release.”

The pup barked as my cum fell into his mouth. I removed my collar and told him to clean up and get dressed. Silently the pup padded to the bathroom to see him covered in spunk. In no time he was out of the door and heading home.

Of course, it didn’t take long for the messages to arrive. Having been so deep into his mind and guts I was bound to be his main thoughts for a while. He talked about his stretched hole, thinking of me as he fucked his girlfriend and how he was interested in piss next time.

I think it’s safe to say I’ll be playing with my straight pup again soon enough. *WOOF*


If you like pup play you maybe interested in reading my ebook HypnoPhones. The second book is currently being written and includes a straight lad being a puppy while in a trance.

The pup mask in the header photo is not mine. If you are interesting in it you can find it at Regulation.

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