Dog bowl

A recent post covered a meeting with a straight lad who wanted to be my pup. As mentioned in the post, he was keen to return and continue with his journey into pup life. He was especially interested in adding one aspect to our sessions and that was him licking up my piss. He even offered to buy a dog bowl to keep with the theme of our sessions.

Piss is something I have explored with quite a few subs. It goes by a few names, including golden showers and watersports. The colour yellow is associated with it and you will see that in the Hankie Code or fetish wear.

Some subs love to watch, some to be drenched and others to drink. Piss fucking is where a man takes a piss while his cock is inside a sub’s arse. The boi gets off on the warm liquid filling up his arse, this should be done in a bathroom. There are also guys who just get off on holding their Master’s cock as he pisses.

The dog bowl was of course purchased so this lad could lap up my piss. He was on all fours when I led him to the bowl next to the toilet. He was also collared and on my leash. I ordered him to beg and then pointed at the pup’s treat. His head went down and his arse was stuck up in the air. I could hear him happily lapping it up.

I told him he was a lucky pup getting to taste his Master’s liquid and he should be grateful. The boi never lifted his head from the bowl and greedily guzzled down my piss.

I’m not sure if I’ll use the bowl again, but it now sits in my toy box for future sessions.

Bowl used for watersports

4 thoughts on “Dog bowl

  1. Definetelly a must for this slave. The dog plate filled with Master piss is one of the greatest gifts that this slave could receive. “it” sees this action as one of the most humiliating activities, but also one of the most respectful ones for The Master.


  2. Sir
    slave here has been used for Master to piss on and also to directly take it from Master’s cock when he needs to piss and doesn’t wish to use the toilet. Slave is able to take it all without spilling any


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