Butt Plugs

Butt Plug

I’ve had plenty of sessions where a sub’s ass is hardly involved. Using a boi to orally pleasure me is a favourite of mine. It is always good to have a sub looking you in the eyes as they suck on your cock.

Having said that there has been many times when I have had plenty of fun with a sub’s ass. I have three butt plugs which I use on lads, each plug slightly larger. Although the largest of the 3 is not massive it has caused plenty of goans from inferiors. The benefit of a plug is you can leave it in and it reminds the sub what its ass is for. This means you can use the sub for other tasks whilst its ass is being prepared for use later. You can also set the boi a task to keep the plug in.

Having a boi tied spread eagle and placing plugs into its hole is also very horny. The boi truely realises it is helpless and there to be used as I see fit.

One of the best techniques with a butt plug is to gently pull it out and push it back in. Doing this with the widest part of the plug gives the sub’s ring plenty of exercise. As the sub is bound they will just lie back and take the intense pleasure. Sometimes it is helpful to have the sub poppered up for this. I have also not shown the plug to a sub before and played the Guess How Big game. Mostly the sub believes the plug is a lot bigger than it actually is. Often this leads them to ask if I have a bigger plug for them.

I do have a collar and leash, but I have not invested in a dogtail butt plug yet.

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