A lot of setting up a session is about getting the sub in the right headspace. To take it away from play to a real interaction between Master and slave. There are many ways to send out that sign, for example not letting a sub play with itself. One of my favourite signs is putting my collar on a submissive.

Of course, once on the sub cannot see the neckwear but the weight sits on him heavily. I like to show the collar to the boi and make him accept the commitment he is taking on. Nothing is normal day-to-neck wear matches the collar. The only thing that gets close to it is the tie. Most men see the tie as a fashion statement rather than a collar he puts on because his work owns him.

The collar serves two purposes, the first to display ownership. Like a pet having to wear a collar the item sends out the message of being someone’s property. There is also a lot of examples in human history where the collar has been used to demonstrate ownership by other man.

The second purpose is practical. Again, like a dog collar suddenly I have control on where my sub is going. I have a leash which I do attach to the leash; with hands bound there’s nothing a sub can do but obey. The collar can also be grabbed and used to get a sub’s attention. I quite often pull a sub up onto its toes by holding the collar high. The boi have no option but to follow where he is pulled to. Especially useful when fucking a boi’s face; use the collar to hold him steady or pull him down onto your cock. Also when fucking doggy it is possible to reach the collar and pull the sub back onto your cock.

So, I’m sure you have picked up that I’m a big fan of collaring a boi. Not only does is send a sign of Ownership and have practical use, but a sub looks very hot wearing one.

Collar and socks

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