Straight Punishment: Switch’s Garage – Dom Daddy

This post is part two of a story inspired by the internet photo below. You can read part one by clicking here. You have decided that you want to read about the older man tying up his younger apprentice and showing the lad the ropes. Enjoy …. Daddy Dom Andrew steps forward to take the tape off the boi and then slaps his across the … Continue reading Straight Punishment: Switch’s Garage – Dom Daddy

Hand Gagging

I’m sure I am not alone in being nervous around stopping a boi breathing correctly. The whole premise of restricting someone airflow seems like a crazy idea. We have all seen stories where people have died through this activity. Though most of these deaths are through autoerotic asphyxiation; where a person restricts their own airflow, usually alone. A few years ago I met up with … Continue reading Hand Gagging