A lot of setting up a session is about getting the sub in the right headspace. To take it away from play to a real interaction between Master and slave. There are many ways to send out that sign, for example not letting a sub play with itself. One of my favourite signs is putting my collar on a submissive. Of course, once on the … Continue reading Collar


Underwear is a whole level of fetish that goes beyond one post. Some men adore underwear and like to keep it on as long as possible. Other men believe underwear should be removed as quickly as possible. This post looks at just one type of underwear though: Jockstraps. Firstly a jockstrap pricks my interests because it has the word jock in. Looking at jock lads … Continue reading Jockstrap


I’ve had plenty of lads worship my trainers and I love seeing a sub at my feet. I was discussing going to a fetish night and I thought a pair of boots would be good for the occasion. Looking on eBay I found a supplier called UrbanDreamz who were selling some black leather army boots. I picked size 12 with 10 eyes. The boots arrived … Continue reading Boots