Honey: I Blew up the Gay

Having survived their woodland adventure our tiny friends are looking forward to celebrating their safe return, and hoping to be restored to their normal size. All that changes when the mysterious Flagstone flies in and takes James and Sarah to the company’s London headquarters. There is no way Andrew is going to be separated from his friends again, and a strange mixture of anger and … Continue reading Honey: I Blew up the Gay

Red Sock Revolt: Rook Prison

The story of the Red Sock Revolt continues in the latest instalment. At the end of book one, a trap was sprung on the planners behind the revolt. How can they recover? Meanwhile, at the heart of the British Government, the Prime Minister continues to push his worldwide plan to reduce the planet’s population. Alan Brownman MP has been promoted to the Minister of Population … Continue reading Red Sock Revolt: Rook Prison