I Just Need Willingness


Quite often I’m talking to lads about what they are into and I get the response that they don’t have much experience. Once they say that it is almost immediately followed by a query about if that will be a problem. My usual response is ‘I don’t need experience, I just need willingness‘. It seems strange to think a sub would be turned away because they haven’t been used enough. In the right hands, a sub is a sub, it is up to the Master to guide the session to get what he wants. There are advantages to experience, just as there are disadvantages.

The one issue with lack of experience is a total newbie who may turn into a flight risk. I always found it interesting that guys mentioned lack of use more on Recon than Grindr. The lads on Grindr don’t see the issue and just assume they will cope. Maybe it is the BDSM heavy Recon that makes the sub think more about what they are getting into.

I have experienced sessions which have been called off because the sub just got too nervous. I had a hunky straight gardener doing some work nearby and he said he wanted to serve a man, his first man. I got him stripped and collared but suddenly, just as he was about to taste his first cock, he stood up and said it wasn’t for him. Obviously, I was gutted as he was cute but there was no way I could be angry. He kept apologising as he dressed but I told him it was fine. He had turned up and started off the session, it not like he was a no show. Everyone is allowed to change their mind.

On Sunday I got a Grindr message from a lad I’d been talking to for a while but never met. Our chats were usually about what I’d been doing to lads and how he wanted to serve me one day. I was under the impression he was experienced but he never made much of an effort to follow through with an actual meet. Then he messaged me he said he’d just driven to meet a man but the fuck had been crap and the guy had cum way too fast. He asked if I was free as he was close and wanted to get sorted properly.

I weighed up the situation. I was not impressed with the idea of being the second man in and he said he was wasn’t even wearing the white socks he had promised for our session. He continued to beg on Grindr promising to do all he could to make up for his mistake of not putting me first. I decided the least I could do was give him a few slaps for being stupid. So I gave him my postcode and told him to expect nothing more than some verbal and slaps. He replied that worked for him and he started his drive over to my flat.

In no time he arrived and as my custom dictates I had him pushed up against the wall. He had a good body and dirty blonde hair. I asked him if he thought putting me second was acceptable and of course, he said no. By this time he was topless and my fingers had found him to be a jumper when his nipples were tweaked, I then remembered him saying nipple clamps were a limit.

As I asked him about the meet he just had I begun to wonder why he had even agreed to it he didn’t think the guy’s cock was big enough and he didn’t think the guy was all that. He said he didn’t think either of them wanted to meet again and was desperately disappointed at the short length of the fuck.

By this time the lad’s trousers and underwear were around his ankles and I begin to slap his lily-white arse turning it red. The slaps echoed in the hallway and I heard my neighbour return, but I kept going. The boi was clearly not used to spanking and I could feel him shaking. My decision to be rough with him was decided by being his second fuck, so I continued to treat him like the slut he was.


I ordered him to remove the clothes around his feet and was disappointed to see him in some stupid colourful striped socks. I decided to keep him in them as the bitch deserved to look like a clown. Once in just his socks there was only one item to add and that was my collar. When I placed it on him I asked if he had worn one before and he replied no.

“Well, this collar marks you as my property. Its weight around your neck reminds you are owned. You are here to be my sex slave and do what is needed to please me.”

He accepted my Collar Laws and I pushed the slut to his knees. With some slaps to his face, I told him what I thought of him and his bad decisions.

I didn’t mention late the previous night, less than 12 hours earlier, the same collar had been around one of my regular black subs who had sorted out my cock well. It’s acceptable for a Man to use as many subs as he needs to satisfy himself. Everyone knows that.

I pulled my jogger shorts down enough to reveal my pubes and the base of my cock. I ordered him to sniff. He didn’t need telling twice and his face was buried in there instantly. I told him he could lick and felt his tongue on my shaft. He made it clear he wanted more but I blocked him with my hand. Reminding the slut how disappointed I was with his behaviour. He apologised, again.

I pulled him up by the collar and put my cock away. Using the collar I directed the sub to my bedroom where I pushed him back to his knees. The little bitch looked up, his eyes showing how desperate and hungry he was. Whoever this ‘top’ was before me he had clearly not put the boi in his place. I slapped his face and spat in his mouth. He thanked me, again.

I pushed his face down to my white tube socks which I’d recently scented at the gym. I seemed to recall the boi saying he wasn’t that into feet but was willing to try. I could tell from the boi’s eyes he was willing to try anything I told him to do.

As he worked my feet I slapped his arse and got it back to a healthy red colour. My finger slipped into his boi pussy. Although I could feel the lube his hole was still tight.

“How big was this guy you put before me?

“He wasn’t very big, Sir. He barely fucked me before he came, Sir.”

I ordered the boi to sit up and removed my top and joggers. Standing before him in just my socks his eyes naturally focused on my manhood directly in front of him. He knew not to make a go for it until instructed. I gave him another slap to remind him of what he was.

Stepping closer I began to cock slap the little bitch. Telling him how even my cock was stronger than him and could beat him up. He moved his face around so he got hit all over. After making him beg to suck me and telling me he was my faggot I finally dropped my cock in his mouth.

The boi is mid-twenties and I was disappointed to find his oral sucks were not good. He concentrated around the head but in a poor way and made gagging noises with only a few inches of my cock in him. He seemed to try to make up for his poor technique with his hand. I take the attitude if I want a hand mine is the best, I use sluts because they have two holes for my pleasure.

“Are you straight?

“I’m bi. I’ve not been with many guys, Sir.”

I recalled him being quite the slut in our Grindr talk but this attempt at sucking will not do. I hold his head still but he kept trying to move.

“Keep still. Just have my cock in your mouth. Get used to it in there, boi. Play with it with your tongue.”

As the boi begun to relax more I slide more of my length in. His warm mouth and wet tongue felt good. I get a bit further in and he starts his choking noises. I kept my cock there and held his head steady. Then I gave him a break. We work like this for a while and slowly he begins to get it. His nodding head movement begun to actual improve as he learnt about suction and tongue. Finally, the inner cocksucker in the boi was being released and he was embracing his true position in life.

“Come on, boi. Think about how girls suck you off. You need to do better than them. Next time a girl sucks you I want you to remember this and think you do it better.”

“Yes, Sir, I will. I wish I’d met you ages ago. You could have started my training years ago.”

The boi buries my cock in his mouth and finally seems to be learning its place in life.

“I’m glad I met you second, Sir. I can see how much better you are compared to the other guy and how lucky I am to be here.”

I’m impressed at the boi quick thinking and have a stretch while he sorts out my manhood.

After a good period of practice, I grabbed the collar and pulled the boi up. Once stood I pushed him on the bed and told him to get on all fours. I picked out my smallest butt plug and slid it into his pre-lubed hole. It seemed to be an effort for him to take so I thought he was going to be in trouble when it was time for my thick cock to go into him. As I played with the plug I stuffed my cock back into his mouth. Lads tend to like both holes filled.

Once his ring was accepting the small plug I moved to the medium one and again the bitch made a show of taking it. Once it was in he seemed to forget about it and got on with using his mouth to pleasure me. At one point I spanked him and the plug popped out, that made me laugh.

With the plug out I decided I might as well get on with fucking him. I rolled on a condom and slapped his arse a few times as I stood behind him. He was doggy style with his arse pointing off the bed, his reddened arse begging me inside. His balls dangled between his legs and his flaccid willy beyond them, his silly clown socks spread wide to welcome me in.

The boi clearly knew what was about to happen so I distracted him with some slaps and putting him in the right position for me. I tell him to put his head down, push his bum out and arch his back downwards. As he worked on that I pushed my cockhead into his ring. Despite the pre-fuck warmup, his tight ring gripped me well.

As I push deeper I watched his hands as they gripped the bedsheet and his head push into the mattress. The boi has kept his hands away from his willy for the session which is always a good sign. In no time I’m thrusting in and out of him and slapping his arse. The boi took it in silence and I wonder if he’s comparing me to his first fuck, then I realise I don’t really care.

I flipped him over and make him pull up his legs. The position exposes his hole and I slid right back in. This time I’m leant over him though and he looked up at me as I pound him. His blue eyes stare up at me as he takes me. I spat in his face.

“Is this the position you fuck girls in?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Next time you’re doing a girl you remember me inside you. You remember you’re my girl.”

“I’m daddy’s girl, Sir.

I grabbed his chest like he had breasts and play with them. He began to groan and encouraged me to take him. He was clearly in the right headspace and had finally accepted his place in life. I pounded away harder so his arse would remember me the next day.

As I took his arse I moved one of my hands to his neck and held him firmly. As with all submissive types he clearly loved being totally out of control. He knew he was there to serve and do what I wanted him to do. From our Grindr chats, I thought he had more experience but now I was inside him I can watch as he fully accepted his true position. It was horny watching the realisation dawn on his dumb face.

I climbed off him and the bed and as I discarded the condom I ordered him to kneel on the floor. I sat on the edge of the bed and the boi buried his face into my groin. I made myself comfortable as the boi put his new cock sucking skills to use. Fucking him had brought me to the edge but I wanted to cum in his gob.

He worked hard to show he was a good learner and kept looking up to make sure his man was happy. His mouth worked hard to complete the job his arse had started. With my hand resting on his head, the boi finally achieved his goal. I groaned as my hot cum flies out of my cock and into my boi. The slut sucks my cum in, happy to get his second load of the day.

The boi was clearly happy to have served a real man and nudged at my manhood with his lips, he needed to get the last drops of my seed into him.


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