The Italian Foot Job

The Italian Foot Job

With the world pretty much in Lockdown, these are not the times to be meeting up for sex. I would say how strange London feels, but I don’t feel like I’m in London at the moment. For the last three weeks, I’ve not left my neighbour and when I say that I mean two streets away from my flat. I have been running in a park at the end of my road and buying food at a corner shop. I’m also working from home and I’ve not been on Grindr for any of that time. These are truly strange times.

As our motto at the moment should be Stay Home & Wank I have decided to do a post about an Italian boi I have met a lot and moulded to be my bitch. We met on Grindr where he was offering to suck cock, so I took him and turned him is a more useful sub. Often a boi doesn’t really know how submissive he is until he meets a real man, and this boi has been trained up to be a total sex slave.

This post is based on multiple meets over the years.

The boi arrives in his usual excitable state. He loves our sessions and just the prospect of serving me gets his energy flowing. Compared to me his looks tiny and he gets off on the fact that I tower above him. He is so thin my hands almost touch when I wrap them around his waist. He has dark hair which he keeps short and some facial hair. I’m not a big fan of his half-hearted attempt of a beard and today it looks particularly out of control.

The moment the door shuts my hand is gripping his neck and I push him against the wall. Before he can say anything my tongue is down his throat and his hands move over my body to encourage me even closer. This boi settles his nerves by talking so even now he tries to speak. I keep kissing him and tighten my grip on his neck. He loves my north England accent but we are not here to talk.

I pull off his oversized hoodie and tee-shirt, they are left discarded at the door. This boi knows he will not get further into my flat wearing anything more than his socks. I’ve told him to buy clothes that fit him but he keeps getting three sizes too big. He looks a lot hotter when he is naked.

With his boots removed, his trousers and underwear soon end up on the floor. The boi has a good-sized cock, but it will get no attention from me. Well, maybe a slap. He purchased white socks for our sessions and today’s pair has a little melon emoji at the top. I give him a hard slap and push him to the floor. Once kneeling I collar him, even on the tightest setting it sits loosely around his 22-year-old Italian neck.

I pull his head to my grey joggers and he mouths my cock through the material. This boi loves scent so having my cock in his mouth is not enough for him, he will be desperate for a sniff. These sessions are not about his wants, though. He is here to make me happy.

I pull him to his feet and lead him to the bedroom. As we pass the bathroom I decide something has to be done about his unkempt beard, so I make a detour. The boi picks up on what is happening as I pick up my beard-trimmer and he silently waits without protest. The buzz of the trimmer is soon joined by the noise of hair being cut and in no time the sub is looking a lot more trimmed and smarter. Once I’m done I slap his face and spit in his mouth.

“That’s better, boi. I like to sit on a face that has been looked after properly.”

The boi just smiles, I know he would never say no to me. With the trim complete we continue the journey to my bedroom.

In the bedroom, I push the boi on my bed and he immediately goes on all fours to show me his pussy. His white arse is perfectly presented to me so I start to spank it. The white is soon replaced by a red glow and the boi knows he is pleasing me. I kick off my Nikes and pull off my joggers. I’m not wearing underwear. With my hardon out, I rub it against the bitch’s hole. He moves his hands to his arse cheeks and pulls them aside, gives me a great view of my property.

“Please, Sir. I’ve not been fucked since you were last in there. I need this so badly.”

I slap his cunt and tease the tight muscle, we both know he’s not getting daddy dick that easily. This boi will have to work his tongue all over me before my cock slides into his pussy. He has been trained to fully satisfy his Master’s needs.

I climb onto the bed and position the pillows so I can rest against the headboard. I picked a metal-framed bed to make bondage easier. Once I’m comfortable I click my fingers near my cock and the boi immediately reacts and attaches himself to my manhood. He’s a good little sucker and he loves my thick cock. He also goes down to sniff and kiss my balls. He knows I like my balls treated gently, unlike subs I don’t get off on cbt (cock and ball torture).

I sit back and relax as the bitch works. He occasionally looks up as he loves eye contact as he sucks and I give him a few good face slaps. I enjoy looking further down his laid-out body at his arse moving up and down, knowing I can use it when I want.

After my cock has had plenty of attention I grab the boi by the collar and drag him up to my left armpit. His face vanishes as he dives into the sweaty, musky and hairy pit to lick up all my goodness. All the time he is breathing through his nose so he gets his Master’s scent. As he is being a good fag I let him have my right armpit, too.


Pushing the boi off me he heads back to my cock but I push him away and tell him to sort out my feet. He moves down the bed and slides off and onto the floor. Once there his face is right next to my sweaty, smelly, black socks. The boi gives them a sniff but tugs them off quickly. This boi is all about skin contact.

I’ve been on my feet all day and the socks have helped to give my UK size 11 feet a horny aroma. This Italian loves his British beef. He starts by sniffing my feet as if they are a fine Tuscan red wine. In no time though he is rubbing his face against my feet and then his tongue begins to explore. It feels good as his warm, wet tongue slides between my toes. Nothing quite says I’m your bitch as much as foot worship. There’s a very horny humiliation linked to serving the part of a man’s body most people think is disgusting. The boi doesn’t think my feet are disgusting, he knows they are heaven-sent.

Sometimes using a sub is about horny fun and other times it’s about pleasure. That is just how a Master should use a slut, as his mood takes him. I get what I want from a sub because the session is about my manly needs. A sub should never be bored if I keep him in one area for a while, he should be honoured as it means he is doing something right.

With my feet fully worshipped I order the boi onto the bed and I push him down onto his back. Kneeling up I position myself near his head, looking down on his body, and then I sit on his face. The boi loves being used as a seat. I lean forward to give him a chance to position himself properly and then I pull my arse cheeks aside. The moment I do this I feel his tongue licking my sweaty ring and it feels great. Regular blog reader will know from my Rise of the Rimmers post how much I enjoy a sub worshipping my ring-piece. As he works I pull his legs up, spit on his hole and begin to warm it up ready for my cock.

The boi continues to try and slide into me tongue first and the pleasure reverberates through my body. By now I’m three fingers deep into his pussy and my cock is straining for its chance to get inside him. I decide to give the hole what it needs.

Moving back off the boi I flip him on his front and then pull him onto his fours. It is only right to fuck this sub like a dog. Standing next to the bed I lube my cock up and then pull his arse over to where I need it. The boi looks back over his shoulder and he smiles at me as I slide into him. I look him in the eyes as I enter him and smile.

“Daddy’s home.”

This boi knows he is mine and he welcomes me back into him. I grab his thin waist and start pounding him at a fast pace. His ring grips to me and encourages me to bang into him harder. I reach for my collar and pull it back. The boi falls silent as the leather restricts his neck and his whole body becomes my fuck toy. We have taken our natural positions in life and it feels great.

The boi’s hole is now fully clinging to my thick daddy dick and it feels good to have broken it in to accept its purpose. I move forward and kneel on the bed, pushing the sub forward with my cock to make room for me. Once I’m on the bed a lean forward and lie on top of the boi. Soon I have flattened him on my bed and he has to deal with the weight of my rugby frame on his skinny-arse body. Fucking now is just moving my hips and the new position shifts my cock’s position inside him and that makes the boi beg for more. Pulling his head up by the hair I place my other hand over his mouth. My large manly hand covers his mouth and makes a great seal. This boi appeared in my blog post about Hand Gagging and he loves nothing more than having his oxygen restricted. A pound harder so even if there is a gap between my fingers there’s no way he can get air into his lung.

The only noise in the room now is the sound of fucking as the boi silently takes his Master’s cock. It feels good to be controlling what goes into his body. I put my mouth near his ear and speak to him.

“What do you need more, fag. My cock or air?”

The boi moves his hands to my hand but not to pull it away, he holds me in place. This is his way to answer my question. All the time my cock is sliding deeper into his hospitable hole. The boi always moans I do not see him enough and he wants me to fuck him weekly, so I make his visits memorable.

I move my hand away and as the boi drags air in as I flip him on his back. I lift his legs and continue the fuck. In this new position, my cock slides deep and its thick base stretches the boi. I watch as his eyes bulge in pleasure and surprise as I reach inside him. He is still recovering from the hand-gag but the pounding is back up to speed and he has to deal with it. I love looking down and seeing my cock sliding into his hairy hole. I hold both his ankles high with one hand as I pound away. The boi reaches over the feel my sweaty body. He loves how sweaty I get while I fuck his pussy.

“I need your cum, Sir.”

I pull my cock out a bit so the head is rubbing against the boi’s ring, knowing I’ll cum faster like that. This boi has earned my seed. His hands are sliding over my sweaty, hairy chest. He looks great on his back with collar and white socks. His smiling face is desperately begging for me to empty my balls in him.

My breathing changes as my climax approaches and the boi takes the change as a chance to grab his willy. He uses my sweat as lube to wank off with. With my cum about to explode out, I return to fucking him deeply, wanting to fill him as far into his guts as possible.

The slapping of our body gets louder as the end nears. I reach down and hold his neck. I feel the release charging out of my body and then I let out a groan as my cum bursts out of my body and into his. We make eye contact as I flood into him and he practically laughs with joy as he sees his man’s face at orgasm. My cum brings his out and his willy squirt white streams over his chest. As he does I keep my cock moving to massage his prostate and empty his balls completely.

Now I’m finished I collapse onto the bed next to him and he cuddles up to me. This boi likes to talk after a session and hear me pronounce words he finds funny in a northern accent, so I know we will be chatting in the sweaty state for a while.

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