Disposable Sub


Usually, Grindr is for quick meets and Recon for more planned sessions, so it was a surprise to get a Recon meet in under an hour. The sub caught me in a mood when I really wasn’t that bother about sex and I just saw him as two holes to have my way with. To be fair, that’s how all subs should be viewed, but this lad particularly felt like he was coming over just to scratch an itch.

When he arrives I barely look at him and push his face into hallway wall.

“So, you’re just wandering around in the rain  on Recon looking for a man to use you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You’re a cheap little slut, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.”


The boi strips and I get the feeling I’d used him before, but I don’t ask as it isn’t important. He strips to his black socks with white spots on. In a sign I have little interest in him, I tell him to remove them, too. They really don’t suit his hairless body and ginger head hair.

With him completely naked I collar him and pull it tight.

“You’re a little cunt aren’t you? It took me no effort to get you here and now I have you naked within a minute of arrival.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Your only worth is to pleasure my cock.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I release my hold of the collar and the sub stinks against the wall. Reaching through his legs I grab hold of his balls and give them a tight squeeze. I can tell this boi is a bit of a pain pig and is getting off on some roughhousing. I spit on his face before continuing.

“This collar means I Own you and I’ll do what the fuck I want.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I begin to spank his white arse and he pushes it out and softly groans. I continue till his lily-white skin is glowing red.

“That’s better, boi.”

“Yes, Sir.”

As I speak I push against him and he can feel my hardon through my jogger shorts against his arse. He submissively gyrates against it. Completely offering himself up to a real man.

I push him to his knees and he waits. I like seeing him wait. Knowing he has no purpose without my command. I slap him to keep his attention.

“You want my cock?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Well, you will have to wait.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Grabbing my collar I move his mouth to my white Nikes and immediately feel his tongue pushing down to clean them. It feels good to look down on this naked little cunt worshipping at my feet. He gave his only limits as FF (fist Fisting), blood and permanent marks, so anything I want to do is well within his limits.

I lift my other foot and place my Nike on his head. I start to push down harder and can feel his face being crushed onto my foot below. He makes no effort to do anything about the situation, which is a good sign. The moment I release his head he resumes licking.

While he was begging to come over and serve me I was watching my football team. They are still winning and as the game is on in the living room I drag the slut into the room by the collar. Once I’m sat with my foot resting on my knee he continues licking my Nike clean. I concentrate on the football.

After a while, I move my Nike so the sole is facing the sub’s face and so he starts to lick it.

“That’s it boi. I want them clean.”

“Yes, Sir.”

The football continues and my foot keeps getting nudged as the boi works hard. I pull my Nike off and hold the opening to him, where men think of putting their foot this sub thinks of his face going. He vanishes into my sneaker and I’m sure he would live in there if he could – just like James from Honey: I Shrunk the Gay.

I can see his chest expanding as he sucks the air I have scented into his lungs. His pleasure from my stink continues.

Sitting back I order him to worship my exposed sock and he does a mix of sniffing and licking. He is on his hands and knees so I put the Nike I removed onto his back, using the sub as a shelf.

“Get on you back and lie down with your head at my feet.”

I remove the Nike from his back before he moves and once he is in position I place my socked foot on his face. The socks I’m wearing are the white Nike football socks I have been wearing while I run. They are well scented and this fag is clearly getting off on my stink. I move my other foot and rest it on his chest, he is now a doormat for me.

My cock is tenting my shorts but further down the sub’s body his shrivelled up little flaccid willy sits ignored. It sits because it is too short to lie and is mostly folds of foreskin. His hairless ball-bag is bigger. The boi doesn’t care that he is fully on display, he is too busy enjoying my sweaty sock.

I remove the other Nike and the bitch delights in the strong scent as it is released. I continue to enjoy the football.

“Kneel, boi”

“Yes, Sir.”

I stand to pull off my shorts and then sit back down with my fat, blood filled, hard cock standing to attention. The boi goes to move to it.


The boi instantly freezes in his position and doesn’t even speak. His greedy eyes don’t move from my cock.

“Just look at it, boi. Think about how desperate you are to have this inside your mouth, Slut.”

As I speak his mouth naturally opens as a way and acknowledging where he needs my cock to be.

“Move closer … Now close enough to sniff it … Now smell my balls … Lick them … Give them a good clean. … What’s in there is going in you, if you’re lucky.”

The boi doesn’t respond as he’s in his happy place and his tongue is doing a more important job than talking.

Pulling his head up I order him to stare at my cock. Then, releasing his head, I order him to slowly lick it. The boi leans in and starts tasting the object he has been after for so long. In no time my cock vanishes into his mouth and I let him work as I enjoy a sucking and the football. The boi is clearly desperate for man-meat and apart from a couple of slaps, I leave him to get on with his task.

Even as I stand up the boi does not allow my cock out of his mouth. I place my hands on the sides of his head and start to skullfuck him. The sound of his gagging encourages me to pound his stupid face harder. At one point I push him right down on my cock and after a period, I feel him begin to struggle. I hold him there a bit longer, teaching the boi cock is more important than air. When I finally release him he takes a moment to recover and then gets back to his purpose.

As I plan to move him to the bedroom I notice his has been leaking saliva or pre-cum on my wooden floor. I order him to go and get is underwear from near the front door. When he returns with his rag I tell him to clean up his mess and he wipes up the fluids off my floor. I then march him to the bedroom.

Once the boi is kneeling in my bedroom I pick up my nipple clamps on a chain from my Tool Box. As the boi happily gets back to sucking my cock I clamp his nipples. The boi doesn’t stop sucking as I pull at the chain to give the boi some tit torture. I tap his balls with my foot but the boi doesn’t even flinch, even as the tapping gets harder.

Pulling off my tee-shirt I climb onto the bed wearing just my football socks. I lie on my front and order the boi to lick my arsehole. The sub crawls up onto the bed. Once he arrives at my arse he pulls my cheeks apart and dives in tongue first. I give the boi some encourage to work hard on rimming me and he steps up the pace. Licking out a real man’s hairy arse is a treat for a sub bitch like this boi. I relax and let the tongue pleasure me.

Turning over I click my fingers near my cock and the boi gets back to sucking.

“You’re a lucky little slut finding a real man to use. You were walking around lost in the rain and I’ve taken you in, collared you and made you useful.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Turn around, boi, show me your boicunt … That’s it, spread your cheeks … Show me your pink pussy … Here’s some lube, slide your fingers in … Show me where you want my cock … Put two fingers in. I’ve got a fat cock and I don’t want you saying you can’t take it.”

It’s horny to sit back and let the little bitch warm up his arse as I watch him, he is on heat for this session.

Getting up I kneel behind him and as one hand fingers himself the other grabs my cock and brings it over to my hole. Once it is in position he begins to push back onto me and my cock slides into his cunt. With me inside him he moves his hands in front of himself and I see him grab a fistful of bedding to help cope with my girth.

“Can you feel me stretching your ring, boi.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I start my pounding of his arse. My hands on his waist to stop him moving away. I spit on the back of his head. I pull him right down on my cock. The boi came here for cock so he needs a good pounding. I thrust in and out and pull him about to make sure he knows he’s getting fucked properly.

Reaching around I grab the chain so I can pull on the nipple clamps and give the boi a full experience of his body being used. I look down and see the flash of my cock as it quickly appears and disappears. The arse is tight and clings to my cock maximising my pleasure.

The boi keeps clinging to my bedding as he serves his purpose.

I speed up after the long pounding approaches the end. Usually a flip a boi around a bit but I have just kept this boi in the same position. I feel the orgasm growing inside me and the idea of a release feels great.

“I’m going to cum, boi.”

“Yes, Sir.”

My balls take over as the climax becomes unstoppable and then my orgasm arrives. A deep groan fills the bedroom as I spunk. It feels great to cum and the boi squeezes his ringpiece to drain me as much as possible.

Once I’m out of him I get off the bed and walk in front of him. Unsurprisingly my cock vanishes as he sucks away on me again. I then order him to get dress and fuck off.

I go back to watching the football.

He messages as he walks away and thanks me, I don’t reply.


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