Rise of the Rimmers


I was chatting with a mate when he decided to ask me if I let guys rim me. Of course, my instant response was ‘Yes’, which quite surprised him. As a top, he said, he never allowed anyone near his arse and never would. He sounded like some straight lad who thought to guard his arsehole was an important mission. Though, most straight lads have a story about a friend who let a girl stick a finger in him and he spunked instantly!

Anyway, my friend continued to rave on about him being a real top and me really being a bottom. I let him continue as it seemed important to him and I’ve no desire to sleep with him.

Any dominant man knows there’s nothing that puts a sub in its place like licking its Master’s arsehole. There are so many positions and all send the message of humiliation. There is one exception to this rule, and that’s when, as a top, you’re about to slide your cock into a spit covered ring piece.

When I was an innocent lad, just starting my gay journey, I wasn’t really aware what rimming was. If anyone had told me I’d probably be sick and ran back in the closet. Then, this guy I brought home was happily sucking my cock when he moved to my balls, but he didn’t stop there. He continued to my hole and I still remember the shockwave of pleasure that reverberated through my body. Thoughts of the actual act vanished as his wet tongue made me experience joy like never before. The guy then turned around and asked me to fuck him hard.

Regular readers of my blog will not be surprised to hear I love a sub tonguing my ring. You may already have read my Valentine Rimming story.

This post about last Sunday is about how I managed to line up two rimmers to sort me out.

The blank profile on Grindr sent me a Hi and I saw we had talked before. Scrolling back he sounded interesting and the face photos he had previously sent showed he was my type. He explained work had been busy but he had a desperate need to rim me. He didn’t want anything else. Just to get his tongue attached to my hole. It seemed a little bit of a waste as I’d like to do so much more, but I said I’d let him. I asked how he wanted my hole and he asked if clean but sweaty was possible. I said I was happy to shower and then go the gym. He accepted the offer immediately.

A few hours later I was waiting in my flat in my sweaty gym kit as the boi walked to mine from the tube. When he arrived he looked as hot as his photos and in no time he was stripping down to his socks. He was a shy boi and asked to keep his underwear on too, as I’d be facing the other direction I said it was fine. He clearly loved to fact that I was taller than him and I gave him some verbal about sticking his pretty face in between my arse cheeks.

Pulling my shorts off I climbed onto the bed and lay face down with my arse pushed up by a pillow. The boi climbed onto the bed and got between my legs; I felt him crawl up towards his goal. He leant forward and I heard him take in a deep breath through his nose. Then his cold hands were on my arse cheeks and he pulled them apart a little. His face moved closer and I felt his tongue for the first time. He started with just licks of my arse in general. I could hear him groaning and he was clearly loving my scent.

He pushed his nose deeper into the creavous created by my cheeks. I felt it rub on my ring and the boi sucks in all the musky scent he could. Rubbing his nose on me he was obviously trying to mark himself with my smell.

So far I felt the boi hadn’t worshipped my hole properly. Reaching back I pulled my arse cheeks apart and heard the boi‘s delight. This was the encouragement he needed. His tongue went into action on my ring piece and I relaxed as he served me.

The feeling of using his handsome, young face to worship my arsehole was a great one. It was horny to know he was using his taste organ to lick an area most people would not go near.

I allowed the minutes to drift by with no intention of ordering the boi to stop. He could spend as long as he liked down there. I was interested in how long it took till his tongue ached too much to continue.

The boi wasknelt up and his hands were rested on my legs. Even in that position, with nothing touching his willy, the act of rimming was turning him on too much for him to hold back his orgasm. Sheepishly, after almost 30 minutes, he lifted his head and confessed he had cum. He then apologised and said he couldn’t hold back any longer.

I took it as a compliment that the boi had managed to spunk just from rimming me and watched as he dealt with his cum-soaked underwear.

With a cheerful goodbye, Rimmer 1 left and I got to shower after my gym workout. It was a couple of hours later when Rimmer 2 started to WhatsApp me.

This second lad had popped up on most of my apps and although he seemed keen he had never served me. He talked a lot about his desire for sweaty feet and arse but had so far disappointed. He only wanted to server feet and arse; no cock. I told him he could come later and I would watch the TV as he worshipped me.

Surprisingly he did turn up later and looked better than his pictures. After some verbal I got the boi stripped and collared. We then headed to my sofa where I put my feet up and ordered him to my Nikes.

With no comment, he began to lick my Nikes and they looked good with his spit shining under the lights. The boi did a good job and enjoyed getting his tongue into any ceavestes. I looked down at him occasionally when there was a break in the show I was watching.

I ordered my Nike removed and the boi started on my socks. He seemed to enjoy the sweaty sock more; my scent was clearly hitting the spot. It was horny to sit back and have my feet worshipped. The boi’s face kept pressing against my foot and felt good. With my other Nike removed he relished the manly scent he was surrounded by.

After a good period of worship, I gave him permission to remove my socks. With my barefoot before him, the boi moved up to my toes and started to run his tongue between them. Warm air flowed from the boi around my feet and it felt good to have the cunt at my feet. My size 11UK/12US/46EU deserve to be worshipped by lesser, submissive lads and this proved a good way to end my busy weekend.

Lifting my arse up I removed my shorts and the boi immediately moved up and between my legs. As I raised my legs the boi’s face vanished behind my balls and I felt his tongue sliding towards my hole. My cock missing out but as he offered a full foot, ball and hole washing services I was generous enough to allow him contact with my body.

Once he had reached my hole he kicked into a new gear and really started to get his tongue in there. He knew he was the second fag to stick his face in there that day so he wanted to stand out. I continued to watch the TV over the top of his head.

After I had enjoyed first contact for a while I ordered him away and stood up. I grabbed him by the collar and moved him to the bedroom. I decided I might as well be comfortable as I got licked. The boi did not argue about the new position. I guess it was easier for him to bury his face in between my cheeks and he had no right to complain; he should be honoured to be tasting my ring.

After a long period had gone by I got up and flipped the fag on his back. I sat astride of his face and allowed my arse cheeks to smother him. His tongue was soon reconnected with my ring. Facing down his body I wanked off as the boi pleasured me from beneath. After a long day of arse worship by cock was pleased to be getting some attention. Soon streams of white cum were shooting over his chest and the boi felt me shudder in joy as I sat on his face.

So I ended the weekend with a shiny ring piece and two rimming subs finally got to taste my intimate area. I’d call that a successful Sunday!

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