Just Pound Me


The headless profile popped up very close to me so I decided to tap on the Grindr grid to see more. The 25-year-old had no text up, just his age and the peach emoji 🍑. His details told me he was short, thin and bottom. It was enough for me to say Hi. He immediately responded with another headless photo but this time in tight, white underpants.


As the conversation continued he made it clear he was just after a fucking. He had no wish to kiss or suck me. He also revealed how he liked a hard pounding and thought most Grindr tops were not man enough to satisfy him. As I wasn’t getting oral I had him agree to keep on his white socks and being collared. He didn’t really care what he wore as long as he got a good fucking.


I later discovered he was from Turkey and was in the area buying ingredients from the local Turkish shops which populate my area of London. He was very similar to another Turk I blogged about once, in the sense that he just wanted a cock in his arse.

Twenty-five minutes after first contact the boi messaged to say he was outside. I opened the door to find a good looking lad in a baseball cap and carrying a rucksack of ingredients. He came in quickly, as the bisexual clearly didn’t want my neighbours thinking he was gay. Once inside he headed to the bedroom at the back of my flat, where he proceeded to pull off his clothes. Almost before I arrived in the room he was down to his bright white socks. I towered over him and he clearly liked that. He had no head hair but plenty of stubble. His chest was hairy and he had Mediterranean brown skin. He looked pretty hot, even hotter as he crawled on the bed. He got on all fours and pointed his arse at me. Ready.

As you know, I’m more used to Blow&Goes when it comes to these immediate types of meets, but sometimes having an arse on a plate is a good thing.

I slapped his arse and call him a cheap slut. He groaned and arched his back further. His sub action caused blood to flow towards my cock. An issue with just fucking is getting good and hard. My tee shirt and shorts came off and I tapped my cock on his arse. After lubing my fingers up I slid one into his boicunt. He groaned and said he hadn’t been fucked for three months. His tight ring gripped my finger to show it had been a while. However tight he was the boi had taunted me about not getting fucked hard enough, so I knew I was going to break his hole.

With a hardon ready for action, and an arse being offered, I decided to move straight to fucking. The boi looked back to make sure I was safe and then I placed my lubed manhood at his hole. He pushed back and my thick cock filled his hole. His head went down into my mattress as my cock head went down into his arse. Once I’d slid all the way into him I gave his arse a few slaps and started to pound his sweet arse.
It was horny to think we had started talking half an hour ago and now I was inside him. That his little trip to shops had lead him to be on my bed in socks and collar with my cock stretching his ring.

Reaching down I lifted up one of his socked feet and then the other. I find this position really lets me pound a boi deep. The sub has his head in his hands and was clearly in his happy place. I let one foot down and reached for my collar. The boi brought his head up and arches his back downwards more; another great position.

Letting go of his foot I slapped his arse as I fucked. The boi made some grunts to encourage me to use his hole. When I released my collar his head fell back to the bed. With both hands, I gripped his waist and rocked him back and forth so my fucking was harder. As I go into him I pulled him back onto me. Looking down I had a great view of my cock vanishing inside him.
I moved onto the bed and pushed him further along. Pushing him down I lay onto of him and pounded him with my weight on him. My hand went to his mouth and covered it and his nose. I keep fucking as he cannot breathe and with my mouth at his ear, I gave him plenty of verbal. The fucking continued and the boi enjoyed being hand gagged. When I finally moved my hand he welcomed air in as he was welcoming my cock into his other end. I put my hands on his shoulders and held him down as I use him.

After a while I came out of him and flipped him over. Lifting his legs onto my shoulders I moved closer to him. His cock was totally limp so I gave it and his balls a slap with my hardon.

“When did you last fuck a girl?”

“Last week, Sir”

“Your cock knows it isn’t needed today. Today is all about your boicunt.”

After another cock slap, I slid back into him. He groaned and smiled as he got use to this new position. He pulled faces of pain and pleasure. It was horny watching him get off on the feelings my cock was reverberating through his body. The boi looked hot in my collar and is clearly enjoying being treated rough. I held his hands above his head and pounded away. All he could do was lie there and take it.

I feel my orgasm getting closer and speed up my fucking. The boi groaned and squirmed underneath me. Soon I was passed the point of holding back and my body shook as my cum shot out of me. The boi shuddered as my cock leaves his body. I rolled off him and he climbed off the bed, his limp willy still ignored. As he stood he stumbled and leant against the wall. Looked like his worries about not being pounded hard enough were unfounded.


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