But I’ve Got A Boyfriend!

I always get a lot of messages from lads in relationships. Maybe they get bored with kisses and cuddles and just need some rough sex occasionally. I have a new lad near me who needs it more than occasionally though. Plus he gets off on sailing close to the edge. He’s given me his boyfriend’s mobile number and said if he upsets me I can tell his boyfriend and ruin their relationship!

The other day he left work early so he could come round for some abuse. He turned up looking all sheepish about going behind his boyfriend’s back. After a few slaps though he was back in sub-mode and ready to serve his Master. As normal he was stripped to his socks and collared. I find it best to get a boi in uniform as soon as possible, reminds them what they are for.

This one I always enjoy ordering him to say things. Repeating back to me that he is my sub and there to serve me. That his ass is mine and his boyfriend has second dibs to it after to me. It has a look of guilt, but the hard-on tells the real story. I have explained to it that if the boyfriend does find out it will get to sleep on my floor and be my 24/7 bitch. It never looks too upset about the idea.

This boi isn’t into photos, but he lets me take them anyway. It made the mistake of saying as long as I left no mark I could do as I want. The boi even made the mistake of saying my sweaty socks were too much, so now I love watching it hold them over its nose and sniff them. He is also a poppers sub so I enjoy getting it high on them.

Pushing it into my bed I make boi lie on its back and hold its legs in the air, getting a great photo of socks in the air and its hole on display. Using the collar I drag boi to my Nikes and order them to be licked. It obeys. I also get my Nikes sniffed and my socks cleaned too. Pulling its face up I spit in its gob and watch it swallow its treat with delight.

With the boi partly on its side, I take the opportunity to give its bum a spanking. As trained, it thanks me for each spank. I have decided that turning a bum red is not marking, and the boi takes it as it should.

Pulling off my trackie bottoms I use the collar to now pull the boi’s face into my sweaty jock. I can feel its breath on my balls through the jock material. Pulling my hard cock out of the side the boi starts sucking me off like only a fag can.

We only have a short meet so whilst I give some verbal I am sliding a spit covered fingers into the boi’s hole. The poor thing has not been fucked since our last meet and needs cock in its ass so badly. The verbal, poppers, spit and sweat has got it so horny it is almost dizzy. I have already been told my cock is thicker than its boyfriend’s and I love watching his face as I slide my cock into him. To start with a fuck it on it back. I love the groan as I push all the way in.

I then lie down and get it to sit on my cock and ride it. It is always good to sit back and watch a boi fuck itself.

After I cum it jumps up and says it better get home. I smile as it worries about smelling of sex! of course, I don’t offer it a shower and send it off into the London night seeded and scented.

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