Underwear is a whole level of fetish that goes beyond one post. Some men adore underwear and like to keep it on as long as possible. Other men believe underwear should be removed as quickly as possible. This post looks at just one type of underwear though: Jockstraps.

Firstly a jockstrap pricks my interests because it has the word jock in. Looking at jock lads falling out of their sports gear in a changing room is an ideal porn setting for me. Watching fit, sporty men high on success exploring each others body is a true delight.

Next comes the fact that if any item of clothing was designed for a good sub boi to wear it is the jockstrap. This item of clothing not only removes the sub’s cock flopping uselessly around but gives easy access to a lad’s arsehole. A boi’s cunt looks great as he bends over in a jockstrap. The straps guiding the man’s eyes towards his cock’s goal and the main band an ideal thing to hold on to as the boi is pounded. So the jockstrap sends the clear message the boi that his cock isn’t important but it’s all amount his arse.

Nike trainers, dirty jock and sweaty white guym socksI have chatted to some men who believe a jockstrap is not to be worn by the top. They believe it is too aimed at exposing arse and so a top should not wear them. I find this an interesting idea but I don’t agree with it. Firstly readers of my blog will know that I am very happy to let a fag lick my arse hole, Valentine’s Day Rimming. Wearing a jockstrap means I can easily sit on a boi’s face and let him lick away at my sweaty ring. The second great thing about a jockstrap is scent. I believe a sub should get off on the scent of my socks but I happily add other parts of my body to my Sniffing List. I quite often raise an arm and pull a boi into my armpits. Enjoying the feel of his tongue and knowing he is getting off on my smell. As the photograph below shows the jockstrap is perfect to fit over a sub’s face. The boi can happily bury its face in this sweaty piece of cloth. Having scented the underwear with a few trips to the gym the boi can get a real sniff of a real man. Plus if I haven’t shaken off fully after a piss that adds to the scent for a good sub boi.

Sniffing jockstrap

Here are some photos of my jockstraps:


Are you a fan of jocks or do you have another favourite type of underwear? Here is a list of 8 choices, vote for your preference …

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