Do you love poppers or not?

I’m not a big fan but I find lots of sub lads do love them. They seem to make them more submissive and willing to serve a man. Therefore I’m happy to popper a boi up to get him horny and needing cock. Though it is always a bit strange when a lad takes too much and his lips go blue!

As I am sure you know poppers usually come in a small bottle. Sniffing the liquid causes a head rush, enhanced sexual experiences and can make it easier to take cock up your ass. There are warning against taking too much and for people with bad hearts.

I meet quite a few subs who want to be tied up and then made to sniff poppers. Either with their nipples being played with or their cock. It is always nice with a popper-loving sub brings their own along. As a top it seems to be my job to buy lube, condoms, poppers and all the sex toys! Which seems a little one-sided.


Want poppers

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