Christmas Socks

Christmas is a time when people stuck for presents for a man turn to socks. Whether it is silly cartoon or normal ones socks are suddenly on everyone’s mind. I got a nice pair of red socks with black toes, heel and trim. My mind turned to who’s face a was going to rub them in.

The opportunity arrived as I was lying in bed in just my new socks on Saturday morning. A random WhatsApp arrived: “Sir. Use me pls. I need u sir.” From our previous messages I last used this sub a year ago. I asked where it had been: “I changed phones and just found your number last night :)”

After reminder photos and checking it was a good sub I told him to come over. Twenty minutes later the door bell went. I opened the door to a tall, good looking Mediterranean sub. Black hair and a beard. Also in very nice black and white Nikes. I mention tall as I’m over six foot and the sub was taller than me. Taller subs have never put me off, they are shorter on their knees.

Once in the flat I pushed him against the wall and inspected it. Clothes were removed and he soon knelt before me in white socks. I collared him and rubbed his face in my trackies. I then pushed him down and he kissed my Christmas socks. It felt good feeling his lips on my present.

I dragged him up and took him to the bedroom. He lay on his back and I told him to show off his hole. His white socks were immediately in the air and he loved showing off his shaved cunt. I knelt on the bed and fingered his hole and verbally told him what he was for. I held his mouth open and spat in his mouth. He hungrily ate his treat.

Pulling him round I pulled my cock out and slapped his face with it. His tongue came out and he tried to taste my cock. I laughed at his small floppy willy. Telling him there was no need for him to be hard. He replied he was my girl. I slapped him and told him to call me Sir. He continued sucking on my cock. At times I held his head too and fucked his face.

Pushing him down again and ordered him to spend more time at my Christmas socks. He didn’t need telling twice. His hands also ran up and down my legs and he groaned in delight. I pulled a sock off and watched as his tongue appeared between my toes.

Getting him on all fours I positioned myself behind him and put a condom on. He immediately started waving his ass about. Boi knew he was going to get a good fucking. I watched my cock slide into his hole and it felt good. Putting my cock in a sub’s ass is always a good feeling. Knowing he is there to please me. I fucked him for awhile hard. He buried his face in the mattress and took it well. I then flipped him on his back and fucked him that way. I find this way better if I want to spit in a sub’s gob.

Pulling off the condom I laid back and told him to get my cock in his gob. He did as he was told. Running his tongue down my shaft he began to kick my balls too. His head started to go lower and he was soon licked the area between my balls and cock. It was pretty obvious this sub wanted to lick every inch of me. I raised a leg and rested my foot and his back. The sub heading straight to my hole and started to lick away. A boi’s tongue on my hole is a great treat and sends waves of pleasure through me. After awhile I flipped over and I heard the sub thank me before he buried himself between my ass cheeks.

The sub was happily rimming away for quite a while until I turned onto my front. I then fucked his face until I released a load of cum down its throat.

Merry Christmas!


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