Finding: Gaydar Website

For my Gaydar review I want to make it clear that this is for their website. Their App has been improved greatly, but is just a Grindr clone. Gaydar’s strength lies in its website and the chat rooms. If you are after sex then finding someone nearby works well. If you are after a sub then Gaydar’s chat rooms are a real strength. As I mentioned in my Leicester Tiger post I went up there to Leicester to meet a sub. If you meet a boi online then having to travel should not be a show stopper.

When you enter the Java based chat rooms the top of the list shows cities and areas, then countries. If you keep scrolling though you will find all the specialist rooms. These rooms don’t have to be sexual, for example Gay Parenting has a room. The two I mostly go for are Master/slave and foot/socks, of course I also go in the London rooms. Recently there has been a decrease in the number of people in the rooms, mostly I assume caused by Apps, but there are still good numbers at the busy part of a day.

There are of course plenty of cockteases in the rooms, but it’s up to you to use common sense. If some 19 year old fit twink says he has no limits and is willing to be a 24/7 slave then you should not be too surprised when he vanishes after chatting for 30 minutes!

I would say within the chat rooms is where I have found most of my subs, and the site has served me well. It was this site and where I first took my baby steps into the gay world. Not brave enough to walk alone into a gay bar, but willing to chat anonymously to guys. It is also in here that you will be proved wrong, as you find out someone does share that fetish you have after all!

The rooms do have the power to let you travel through time, quite often a whole afternoon can vanish and you are left wondering where it went.

So I have no hesitation in saying sort out your Gaydar profile and get yourself in the chat rooms to find what you are looking for!

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