Boy Band Slave: Book 4 – Zac

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Boy Band Slave: 4 ZacAfter the events in Berlin Zac’s secret is out and he is making headlines, the wrong headlines. The Boy Band Slave is now trending across the globe and his label wants to be back in control. The label has always had control of him, and in the fourth book of the series, we look into how Zac got into the biggest boy group in the world. How he put aside his naivety and used all his assets to get into 8-0-1.

Looking back we follow his sexual journey, seeing how he discovered his submissive nature and then used it to reach his dream. We take the journey through the reality TV music show with Zac, from the start to the finish. Meeting the music mogul James Fullwood plus the other two judges: Ramsey and Rachel. As well as the hunky presenter Marcus, a fan of the tight-fitting suit.

Click on the Amazon Kindle links below to buy this ebook. This is a gay erotic novelette of just over 22,000 words. You can read a free preview of the book by clicking here.

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