Tube Strikes – Sub Blows


The good thing about a London tube strike is it means I can get to work from home. Something which most companies have allowed for years, but my company only seem to allow women with child to do. I can see their side of the argument though. I logged on extra early and sent some emails out to show I was online. Putting my laptop aside I then had a lovely breakfast and a long bath. Seeing I had no emails I then turned on Grindr and waited to see what subs were working from home nearby. Of course Grindr is excellent in a strike as you only see your neighbours!

It did not take too long to get a bite:

boi: Accom?

Me: Yes

boi: I’m 26, ver, 7″. Battery about to die.

Me: How submissive?

boi: However you like. Don’t mind a lil slap. Ruff.

So with that I sent over my address details and within 10 minutes I had a boi at my door.

He was stick thin, white shirt, tight black trousers and black shoes. Inviting him in he said he needed the toilet so I showed him to it. When he came out his shirt was already off and he kicked his shoes off. I watch the boi as he peeled off his trousers and his blue pants. I was pleased to see he left his black socks on.

Pulling him to me I spun him around and held him against my clothed body.

“So you’re a little bitch who want cock?”


The boi gets a slap.

“Say Yes Sir.”

“Yes Sir.”

Pushing him to his knees I move in front of him and rub his face in the front of my trousers.

“Please Sir.”

I allow him to undo my trousers and he immediately pulls my pants down and get my cock in his mouth. It feels great to have a boi back on my cock. He sucks it well and soon it is rock hard. I hold the sides of his head and face fuck him for while. He’s a greedy boi. He’s suppose to be at work so we don’t have long. This will be a Suck&go.

He is clearly hungry for cock and works hard. Looking up lots to see if he’s pleasing his man. I move around him and sit on my sofa. Quickly he repositions and gets me back in his mouth. He seems to prefer this position, he has been trained eye contract is important and he loves this position. I watch as he eyes wander over my body. He stops sucking and wanks me for awhile.

“I can cum soon if I’m allowed. I don’t have long Sir.”

“You going to swallow my cum and go back to work with a belly full of cum?”

“Yes Sir.”

He gets back down on my cock and I give his face a good fucking. He makes those gagging noises a good oral sub should.

I make it clear I’m going to cum and he moves to the end of my cock with a open mouth, he wants me to see him eat my cum. As he keeps wanking both cock he is clearly enjoying his treat.

White streams are ejected from my cock and he eats them up. He gives a smile with my cum on his lips and then says he better get off.

C’mon London – tube strikes aren’t so bad šŸ˜‰

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