Hangover Horn & My Cleaner


After a night in Soho I woke up on Sunday with a sore head and a dry throat. As well as those two problems I also woke up with a raging hard-on. After pondering the situation I decide water was my first need. After a drink I looked at my phone and saw I had missed a few messages on Whatsapp. I met a sub off Recon years ago and sometimes he comes over and cleans for me. Lately though he had been letting me down though and my flat was in need of a clean. As I read down the messages I saw that he was on his way, then the doorbell went.

I pulled on some grey cotton shorts, which my cock tented, and then headed to the door. As I opened it I was blinded by the bright sunlight and my head felt worse, though my cock responded to the sub brushing again it as he walked in. He put his shopping bag on cleaning products down and started to remove his clothing. Soon he was on his knees in just white socks. I gave him a slap and said I felt rough. He begin to rub his face in my shorts, which he soon pulled down so he could suck on my cock.

Letting him suck for awhile he seemed happy to be back on his knees serving my cock. My headache wasn’t going anyway but my other head was feeling happier in the warm wet mouth. Pulling him up I took him to the bed and got him on all fours. Sometimes a man just needs a hole to fuck and I was in one of those moods. I lubed him up and slide a finger or two in. He said he hadn’t been fucked for awhile so I need to break him in. I gave his arse a few slaps, told him he needed regular fucking and spat on the back on his head. I then slide my cock in.

He did feel tight but he soon accepted my man meat and opened up his cunt for me. It felt good to be thrusting. Reaching down I pushed his head into the mattress and pounded away. Telling him he was mine and I had access to his hole when I wanted it. Having him seemingly turn up out of the blue and accept the fucking felt good, for awhile my headache was forgotten.

The sub has a good hole and soon I was spunking away. The release was great and I fell onto my bed afterwards. The sub got up and started the cleaning. Luckily he closed the bedroom door and I was left in peace to rest as he got on with looking after my flat. Occasionally I heard him mopping or the vacuum cleaner. He came in at one point and placed a coffee next to my bed, I rewarded it with a: Good cunt.

When he leaves the room he takes my dirty clothes with him and I hear the washing machine start up. I must fall asleep for awhile as I am woken by him asking if I’m hunger. It’s an effort to lift my head up but when I do he is standing before me with a tray and a plate of toast, eggs and mushrooms. So I sit up and eat the food as he continues to work.

The sub has been quiet for awhile and then I feel him climb into bed with me. His body feels cold next to mine, though it’s quite a nice feeling with my hangover still around. I let him cuddle into me as a reward for his work. Sometimes a sub just needs to feel close to its Master.

Of course the sub cannot resist when a cock is near by and soon his hand is stroking my balls and playing with my cock. He repositions himself so he can have me in his mouth again. My spent cock responses to the attention and is soon hard again. The sub’s nature kicks in and he sits up and sit on me, sliding my hard-on into his wet cunt. The poor thing looks so happy to be complete again and contently slides up and down my shaft. It asks if it may cum but I refuse, he’s there for my pleasure not his. He accepts my answer and continues to bounce on me. Groaning and playing with its nipples.

After servicing me twice and cleaning my flat the sub got dressed and left. Asking when it can return. Soon after its departure I finally got up. It felt good to have a clean flat and a satisfied cock. My next hope was to get rid of my hungover.

8 thoughts on “Hangover Horn & My Cleaner

  1. Hi
    I was the sub in question in this story and even the reading the story gives me a hard on. Thank you boss for a great time. Looking forward to the next meet.


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