Do What You Want

DoWhatYouWantWhen I use Craigslist I put a link to this blog. It gives lads a good idea of what I’m after and I how I use subs. I don’t want to waste time on a boi that hasn’t accepted its role in life. Quite often I get replies with the statement ‘you can do what you want’. I treat these lads with a certain reserve, as I have found most people that use this phrase are not after meets but cyberwanks.

After all, to say to someone you are completely theirs on Meet 1 is a huge statement. I usually say: So I can shave your head hair? They say No and I point out I have found a limit already. One of the responses from my last Ad had used that line, but I had continued the email conversation. He seemed interesting and amongst his face photographs he had sent a full frontal nude. Which either shows a level of commitment or the photographs were not him.

After a week or two of talk we were finally free at the same time. The boi had agreed to come to me so I figured I wasn’t wasting time if he didn’t show. Fifteen minutes before the time agreed I got a text from him saying ‘top or bottom?’ I was of course mystified. After all our talk and reading my blog why would he ask that? I don’t expect intelligence from my fags but surely he knew the answer? Plus why wait till now to see what position I was? Then I realised he has asking about the doorbell!

Once in the hallway I held him against the wall and asked if was serious about being my boi and some verbal. He said he was mine so I ordered his clothes off and for him to kneel. Holding the collar in front of him I asked again if he was mine and he replied he was my worthless fag. So I collared it. Pulling the boi up I give him an inspection. He’s a 26 year old, black hair, smooth face, some body hair and a tiny willy. He speaks in a North American accent.

“When were you last used fag?”

“3 months ago Sir. I’ve been away.”

“That’s a tiny willy. It’s a good job your a gay and sub.”

“Yes Sir. Your slut has a tiny willy. I need a man’s cock like yours.”

With my hand under the collar I pull the boi into my living room and push him back down onto his knees. I then sit on the sofa and rest my white Reebok gym trainer on my knee. The boi looks at it and I order him to lick it. This boi has agreed to photographs being taken so I begin to take a few. He looks happy licking away. He even slides his tongue along the bottom of the trainer, a sign of a true fag. As commanded he pulls off my trainer and sniffs the inside. It’s always horny to see a boi get off on my scent. He puts the trainer down and I hold his face, telling him to open his mouth. I spit in him and slap his face. Then I order him to sniff my white trainer sock, he moans as my smell enters him. He sniffs and licks away at the sweaty socks.

Lying back I hang my feet over the arm of the sofa and the boi moves to the end to worship. The other trainer is now off and he rubs his face with my sweaty feet. I order him to my groin and pull my trackies down to reveal my jockstrap. It is horny feeling his face on the material. Soon his tongue is under the jock and exploring my sweaty balls. Once my cock is out he needs no encouragement to get it in his mouth.

“That’s a real cock. Not your little clitoris girl.”

“Yes Sir. You’re the man and I’m a little slut fag.”

I allow him sometime with my cock and then get up off the sofa. Standing over the kneeling boi I give him a slap and spit. Then pick him up by the collar and take him to my bedroom.

Pushing him onto the bed he lies on his back fully exposed to me. His minuscule willy is now further inside him and is barely visible. I take a photo showing it and his face. Telling him I Own him. Kneeling on the bed I slap his ass and tug on his nipples. He’s a screamer when it comes to his nipples, it’s funny to watch. I give him more verbal.

With my trackie bottoms already off I remove my sweaty jock and hold it over his mouth and nose. Telling him to take in my smell. Using a few fingers I push it into his mouth too. I then lie back and tell him to get on my cock.

Sucking away like a slut for a few minutes I give the boi a few slaps. Occasionally holding his head to face fuck him. Moving behind him I lube up his hole and give him a spanking. Sliding in my medium butt-plug. The boi moans like a bitch and says he’s tight as it’s been three months. I spit on the back on his head and say it won’t be tight when I kick him out.

Sliding on a condom my cock is soon inside his BoiCunt and giving it the first few thrusts. The position isn’t really working so I lie back down and order the boi to sit astride me. He does and then guides my cock back in him. He is soon happily bouncing up and down on his favourite ride. This position leaves his nipples exposed to tugs and his face available for slaps.

The boi is clearly enjoying having a hard, thick cock to ride on. This is the first time I’ve see his hardon. He desperately tugs at the little finger sized willy. Though he knows it’s all about the cock inside him.

Pushing him off and get him back to my feet. He sniffs and licks my socks and then my bare feet. It feels great to have my toes in his mouth. He worships them well. He keeps looking up for approval and telling me how great my size 11 feet are.

Pulling him off the bed I order his socks removed and then uncollar him. With my hand firmly on his neck I take him to the bathroom and he kneels in the bath. I then stand on the end of the bath. Towering above him I spit on him and then the stream of piss hits him straight in the face.

Moving the piss so it hits the top of his head it vanishes for awhile, his thick hair soaking up the piss. Then it begins to flow down his face and drench him. I see the boi lick his lips and taste my piss. The piss continues to flow and mark the boi as mine. I video him as he is marked. When the piss stops the boi kneels up and takes my cock in his gob, cleaning it.

Telling him to clean up I walk back to the bedroom. When the boi reappears I tell him to suck my cock. He jumps at the chance to suck on me again. I tell him to keep going and he’s going to swallow my cum. We switch between sucking, wanking and fucking his face. After a horny session I am filling him up and using him as my cumdump

The boi who would do anything has done as he’s told.

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