Wheelie Good Meet

wheelie good

One of my regular lads has been after a meet all week, but I’ve been busy. So as I was lying in bed on Saturday morning I thought I would text and see where he was. One hour later the boi arrived.

This boi has proved himself a good local sub and I’ve used him a few times. He knows what he’s for and he serves well. In the past I have fucked him with his cock in chastity. He knows its about my cock and not his.

Today he has said he only has an hour, as he has work. He arrives and strips to his black socks and I collar him. The boi has brown skin and black socks suit his skin colour. I collar him, push him against the wall and tell him he’s my slut. I have decided to remind the boi his role is to serve me, so I take him to the kitchen sink. Waiting there is a bowl of hot soapy water and all my dirty dishes. I order him to wash-up.

When he’s finished he finds me in the bedroom and I push him to his knees and order him to lick my Nikes. It is good to look down on a boi at my feet, I rest my other foot of his back. Give his ass a couple of slaps and slide a spit covered finger into his hole.

Pulling my trackies down at the front I call the boi onto his knees. I pull his head back and he opens his mouth and I spit in him, that is followed with a slap. He rubs his face on the jock and smells deeply. He pulls my cock out of the jock and starts sucking, this boi love sucking. Kicking off my Nikes the boi helps remove my trackies and jock whilst still sucking. I allow him some cock time.

Grabbing the collar I pull the boi up and push him onto the bed, positioning him on his back with his head over the foot at the bed. Leaning him over him I fuck his face. Then I turn around and sit on his face. His tongue starts exploring my hole straight away. I take a deep breath and let the boi work away.

I slide back and his head appears between my legs, his mouth opens and my balls are in his gob.

Moving away from the boi I flip him onto all fours and get on the bed. Then I kneel behind him, rubbing some lube in his hole. I pass him some poppers. Slapping his ass I tell him its time for use his boicunt. I slide on a condom and then slide into him. He always groans as I push through his ring and it turns me on. I am soon in my stride and fucking his ass.

After fucking him for awhile I pause. The boi starts moving back and forward to fuck himself. It’s always horny to see a boi so desperate for cock he fucks his own hole. Pulling out of him I grab my large butt-plug and slide it into him. He has no problems taking it. I order him to lie face-up on the bed. Once he has I put wrist cuffs on him and tie him to the head posts, then use ankle cuffs to tie him to the legs at the end of the bed. Lying spread eagle I put my ball-gag in his gob and blindfold him. Then I feed him some more poppers.

Finally, I get to use my new toy.

Removing the pinwheel from its cover it feels solid and heavy. Having talked to some guys on Slaveboys I start off gently rolling the wheel over the sub’s chest. The effect is instance and he begins to squirm as the device makes contact with his skin. Having tickled his feet when I tied him up I know I have sensitive sub in my hands. The pinwheel rolls down his arm and he continues to move to its touch.

Rolling back onto his chest I go straight pass his groin and over his inner thigh. The ropes keep him from moving too much, but I can see he is experiencing intense feelings. Of course I tried the device on myself but being blindfolded and not in control of the wheel’s journey makes for a different situation. I gently roll up the shaft of his floppy penis and the boi groans through the ball-gag. At this point I put the pinwheel down.

Undoing the ankle cuffs I place the sub’s ankles on my shoulders and slowly pull out the butt-plug. I replace it with my cock and fuck the bound boi some more. Pausing I popper the boi up some more. I then continue to fuck him.

“Look at your soft, little willy slut. It knows it’s of no use so it shrivels up. My cock is what counts and you’re here to please it.”

As I pound away at his ass I grab the pinwheel and move it over his chest. The boi is experiencing so much: pinwheel, poppers, bondage, gag, blindfold and a fucking. He must be in sub heaven. I tell him he’s a lucky cunt.

Releasing his hands and removing the gag and blindfold I order the boi to suck my cock. The boi returns to his natural position in just the inform of socks and collar. I rest my hand on his head and close my eyes, enjoying the orally provided pleasure he is giving me.

“Remove my socks and suck on my toes boi.”

Positioning the boi astride of me gives me a view of his ass as he licks on my size 11s. It means I can give him the occasional smack too. His tongue moves over both my feet and I enjoy the worship.

With the hour approaching I order the boi back to my cock and tell him it’s time for his treat. This boi always works hard for cum and never spills a drop. He lives for this reward. His head is soon bobbing up and down and I do not bother holding back my orgasm. I feel my balls move closer to my body and the the sensation of my cum exploding out of me takes over my world. The boi greedily takes all my cum into him. Remaining in position as he waits for any final drops.

“Thank you Sir.”

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