2015 Year of the Sub

Happy New Year!

After bringing in the New Year at a house party I woke up on January 1st alone and horny. I opened Grindr and then had a stretch. I message appeared from an Italian lad who lives nearby. We had met once in 2014 for a session. He wanted to be used by a man and wanted to be my slave. That was the first time he had been a sub, and he enjoyed it. Unfortunately his job means he is rarely free when I am. So his journey to being my slave hasn’t got off to a quick start!

The boi is late 20s and a good looking Italian. He has black hair and some trimmed body hair. He also has a very large cock, not that it gets much attention from me. He is very oral and anal, and is only really happy with cock in his holes. His interests are more in having a man fuck him mean, but I am introducing him to basic kink. Usually are meets are brief, he is after a fucking. As he’s my neighbour I don’t like to be let him down.

I arrive at the boi’s house and he shows me to his room. He immediately strips to his white socks and pants. We start kissing and I hold his head. I pull back and spit in his mouth, he swallows like a good sub. I tell him to pull off his pants and I collar him. Pushing him down he immediately starts to rub his face on the front of my trackies. His hand goes into my pants and he begins to suck on my cock.

I pull of my trainers, trackies and pants. Grabbing my trainer I hold it over his mouth and nose. Reminding him that he’s my slave and he should love my scent. After that he’s straight back to my cock, this boi loves to suck. I hold his head and fuck his face. He climbs onto the bed and waits on all fours, he needs his ass filled. He groans as I slide a finger into his hole and I slip on a condom. He wiggles his ass up and down and begs me to get in him. I can’t keep the boi waiting any longer. He’s ring feels great as I slide through it. Grabbing the collar I increase the speed of my thrusting. I let go of the collar and he buries his face in the bed, I can see his hand wanking himself. He said he hadn’t been fucked for a month, he definitely missed being pounded. He looks so sexy in his white socks and collar and I love looking down at my cock coming in and out of his sexy ass.

He begs me to cum as he is about to from all his wanking. I love the feeling of spunking whilst fucking and the boi cums soon afterwards.

So Day 1 of 2015 has been a good one – Happy New Year!

New Year Eve 2015 London

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