Chastity Device

I find chastity a very interesting idea. Stopping a boi from playing with his cock gives a level of control that is very difficult to gain. 24/7 Ownership is almost impossible, so owning a boi’s cock is as close as you can get.

Of course finding a sub to Lock is a difficult task in itself. I find a lot of the subs I use go quiet for a few weeks between Meets and then crawl back and beg for use. In my post about Christmas Socks I mentioned a sub who was quiet for a year before it decided to beg for use again. Having a boi Locked for a year without meeting would be extreme!

ChastityIn 2014 I did find a sub who became very regular so I Locked its cock up. It was very horny knowing he was out doing his normal things but with a constant reminder of me. I also got off on the idea that he was not slagging about but having to behave when it was not with me. The first time we met again I unlocked it and then made him kneel in front of the toilet to have the first wank. After waiting 7 days it seemed very happy to finally spunk and then get used and abuse.

With chastity you also get a lot of subs who love to talk about it. The idea and fantasy in this case is definately of more interest to a sub than the reality. Though this makes sense. Us males are use to having full access to our cocks. We love to grab and hold them. Sometimes for pleasure and sometimes just for comfort. So having that removed is a big deal. Also the sub is usually put in a position where to piss they have to sit. This of course makes the sub feels like a girl.

chastity deviceThe device I purchased was the cb6000, which seems a difficult device to get on a boi.

If I ever Own a sub I would look at putting it into chastity. For now though I think it will remain something to talk about and get horny about the idea.

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