The Reluctant Sub

Some subs accept their submissive side and embrace it, others resist all they can and are ashamed by it. It is always interesting to meet a boi and see how accepting of they submissiveness they are.

The Vanishing Sub

When I started to explore my Dom side the vanishing sub always used to confuse me. These subs are so keen to please. They will do whatever you say and will happily say they are yours and owned. The session will go really well and finish with an agreement to meet again. This is the point they vanish. A new Dom may feel they have done something wrong, but of course they haven’t. Some subs have not accepted their sub nature. In fact, they are embarrassed by it. This is why they vanish.

Some may say I’m just being an arrogant top, but I’m not. For chances are the vanishing sub will reappear, months later. Suddenly a text will arrive from them seeing if you are free. There will be no apology for ignoring you, just a request to meet again. Usually they want to meet as soon as possible to, expecting you to change plans to fit them in.

The vanishing sub does not like their sub side. They see it as a curse and something they would love to fix. They will fight for all their worth to break their need to serve men. They lose the battle though and are attracted back to the Master who treats them as they should be treated.

I usually let they subs crawl back and serve. Though they have to wait till I am free. The reason I let them back is to give them verbal. Clearly the sub has a weak spot and giving them verbal about their sub side is horny.

Of course, there is an easy way to stop a sub vanishing …

The Reluctant Sub

The Sub Who Isn’t A Sub

Gay men are attracted to … men! A lot of times I meet lads who aren’t really subs, but they want a man to sort them out. They don’t want some girly guy being all sweet. They want someone to take them and have their way with them. These lads are attracted to a Dom guy, but aren’t submissive. I have even met straight lads who just wanted some rough sex rather than nice sex with a girl. Rather than being submissive these lads just want passionate, hard sex.

3 thoughts on “The Reluctant Sub

  1. lol, I am one of those vanishing subs…we did have an amazing time together, you really made me sort your asshole out even farting in my face


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