House Slave

Willingness is the one thing I request from a sub when they make themselves known to me. Often subs approach saying they do not have experience, but it is not experience that I need. A sub has a use, even the most useless ones. It is a matter of whether they will accept their purpose. That is why I rate willingness so highly.

The other week I put up an Ad on Craigslist, with a link to this Blog. One of the responses was from a sub who identified itself as a fag and wanted to clean my flat. As my last cleaner returned to Poland I said he could come and have a try.

Upon arrival I had the fag strip totally naked and I collared him. I immediately pushed him to all fours and he naturally began to kiss my trainers. I pulled him up to his feet and told him it was time to prove himself useful. I pulled him to the kitchen where I had already filled the washing bowl. I ordered him to get on with his job, and I went off to watch the television.

After 10 minutes he reappeared saying he was done. I told him to get on his knees and slapped him. I reminded it to call me Sir. I then ordered him to remove my trainer and bury his face in it. He happily sniffed away. I then got him to rub his face on my socks. Once the sock was pulled off he put his tongue on my heel and licked up to the toes.

I took him to the bedroom and on his knees I fucked his face and got him to lick my sweaty balls. Despite saying he was not into smell he said: “Sir I love your smell”. I got out some dirty gym socks and made him sniff them. He loved it. He didn’t seem to like his ass being spanked, but I told him to take it and thank me. He did. He looked more sub with a red ass. I told him to wait.

I had already boiled a kettle so I poured hot water in a bucket with floor cleaner in and took that and the mop to the boi. I order him to mop my bedroom, bathroom and hallway. I returned to the sofa.

When he returned he went to his knees and said “Finished Sir”. I told him to sort out my other foot. After awhile he spoke:

“Sir I love your feet. I want to be your regular fag. Sir I have a 26 year old fag who wants to serve with me. I’ll bring him next time.”

I got him back on my cock and fucked its face for awhile. Then finally I took him back to the bathroom and ordered him to clean the sink, toilet and bath. I explained if he becomes a regular I’d expect him to learn his duties. Once he had finished I gave him a slap and spat in his mouth. I told him he better come back soon. He said he wanted to be my fag and serve.

I guess we will see if he shows his face again…

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