Gym Sweat

A lot of guys love man sweat. When I mention I go the gym they ask for a meet post-gym, pre-shower. Of course I love seeing a lad get off on my sweat, so I say yes. Some lads go further though. They want the same socks and jock to be worn to a number of gym sessions. I like to accommodate their needs too. A good sub should be trained to know its Master’s smell.

One Grindr neighbour originally offered my a BJ, which he was very good at. Later he saw my Grindr title had changed to DOM4boi and he said he would love for me to Dom him. On Saturday he appeared again and I told him I was off to the gym. He asked me to go to his afterwards in some smelly socks. It’s good to have a boi beg for a slap.

As I left the gym after a good sweaty workout I went onto Grindr and checked if the boi was waiting. Of course he was. I told him to get on his white socks and I’d be there soon.

Once in his room he was ordered to strip down to his socks. I stood behind him and held his head back. Verbally I reminded him of his place in life. The boi is a brown haired, thin sub with little body hair. I pushed him to his knees and sat on his sofa. Pulling my knee up I rested my Reebok on the edge of the sofa. Meaning I could watch the boi lick it clean. He immediately took to the job. He had enjoyed wearing my collar last time, as I hadn’t put it in my gym bag I put his belt around his neck.

With some subs you have to keep them in place as they are always wanting the next piece of abuse to start. With this boi though he happily stays where he is unless told to move on. After my run it was good to see my trainers given a tongue clean. I ordered the boi to remove my trainer and to give it a sniff. He happily groaned as the man smell filled up his nose. I rested my leg on my knee and told the boi to get on my my white trainer socks, he didn’t need telling twice. The socks had been worn to quite a few gym trips. They had a yellow look to them and I avoid changing near guys in the locker room. To the boi though the smell was heaven, he sniffed and licked them. He then moved on to my bare feet.

Standing up I pulled off my sweaty gym top and my shorts. Holding the boi’s head back I spat in his face and gave it a slap. the boi thanked me. I then pushed his face into my sweaty jock and smiled as I heard groans coming from him. When I sat back down he began to lick my chest hair trying to collect all my sweat. Holding his head I guided him to my sweaty arm pit and let him work on that for awhile.

After he had cleaned both pits I removed my jock and he got my cock in his gob. He loved sucking on my sweaty manhood and I allowed him to spend plenty of time with it. As I sat back I thought this is how every gym session should end. I noticed the boi had moved to my balls and I figured I would give his head a push down. He immediately went beyond my balls and his tongue started to explore for my sweaty ass hole. Raising both my feet I granted the boi the access he crazed to my ring. Some lads never really get off on rimming but this boi was loving it, as was I. There’s nothing quite as great as having a sub clean your hole and pleasure it with his tongue. He was down there for so long I swapped positions after awhile.

I reminded the boi I still had my second Reebok on so he got down on all fours and began to worship it. This boi is not that much into anal but in that position I had to give his hole a spit and rub. As he was allowed to remove my trainer my finger slid inside his tight hole. He worked away with my smell filling one end of him and my finger the other.

Now that the boi had licked me from head to toe I pulled him back to my cock and told him to make me cum. Mostly I allowed him to work, but occasionally I gave his face a fucking. It felt great to finally explode in his gob and to watch him swallow it all down. To finish he licked clean my cock and tried to get to any remaining cum.

The boi then helped me dress and I left. I think that proved a very successful trip to the gym.

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