Arabian Nights

Although my Grindr profile is not normally kinky it does make it clear I’m a man who likes to be in charge. I find a lot of lads message me who are wanting some rougher sex. They soon show their submissive side and agree to be slapped about. One such boi messaged me yesterday, a good looking 26 year old Arab lad. He was very keen and told me we was putting on white socks and would come straight over. It seemed rude not to let him dash round!

When he arrived he said he needed to go for a piss, which seemed strange as it had only taken him 10 minutes to walk to mine. When he came out though he was stripped to white socks and blue and white jock-like pants. I approved of the look and took him to the bedroom where I collared him.

Holding the collar I gave him an inspection. He was a good looking lad with thick black hair and a beard. A bit of hair across his chest and a good looking ass. He seemed happy in his pants so I left him in them to start with. Pushing him down to his knees I began to rub his face in the crotch area of my trackies. I gave his face a slap and he said he wanted it harder. I gave it him and told him to call me Sir. I then held his mouth open and spat in him. He swallowed it like a good bitch so I knew then I had a real sub to use and abuse.

I pushed his head down to my white Nikes and told him to lick them, he compiled. We hadn’t agreed to foot worship but this boi clearly did as it was told. With his head down his ass was up, so I gave it a slap. I then kicked off my Nikes and pulled off my trackies. The boi immediately began to rub his face on the front of my black boxer-briefs. I gave him some more slaps and spit and then made him beg for my cock to suck on.

After awhile I slowly began to peel off my pants. He kissed my cock as it slowly appeared. As it sprang out fully released it was immediately in his gob. The boi seemed happy to finally be sucking. I let him have a bit of time alone with my cock. Just the odd slap to keep him in his place.

After awhile I dragged the boi to my full length mirror and told him to watch himself sucking, it’s good to show a boi his natural position. He certainly got off on seeing himself as his own porn. He was then pushed onto the bed and I spread his cheeks to see his hole. Hairy and looked good. He had said no fucking today, but it always good to give a hole a spit and rub.

Climbing on top of him I rubbed my cock on his ass. I find most subs love the weight of a man on them and arms wrapped around them. I spoke into his ear that he was mine to do as I wanted, he groaned away. He asked whether I had a leash to go with the collar. I clicked my leash through one of the rings and pulled him down to my white socks. He immediately started to rub his face in them. I asked if he had done foot worship before and he said he hadn’t. Still, he looked happy down there.

The boi had described himself as an aggressive bottom and it was at this point he tried to get the better of me and dry-hump me. Putting him on a short leash I held his head to the bed and started to spank his ass. It was fun to watch it turn red. He moved his hand over to protect himself and I told him to move it, he obeyed. After a few more smacks I pulled his head up and gave him some slaps and spit. I then removed his pants. I then grabbed some dirty socks and a jock and rubbed them in his face. I told him to behave.

Pulling off one of my socks I made the boi lick my feet clean. He soon went back to his submissive mode. I moved to sit on the end of the bed and ordered it to kneel and suck until he got a treat. The boi took to the task well. At one point he stopped to say how good it was to find a man. I smiled and watched his head bob up and down. After I had spunked he asked if he was allowed to. As it was our first meet I let him cum on the floor as he licked clean my cock.

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