Yank on a Rope


It was the day when all of America turned to look at Houston to watch the greatest show in the world, but before, and after, the Lady Gaga concert they had to watch some silly game that no one else cares about. Luckily I had managed to distract a Yank from the Super Bowl and perk up his interest in exploring his kinky side.

We had chatted a couple of times on Grindr but I had just about given up with him; only his good looks stopped me blocking him. He was one of those lads who said they were interested in exploring but never seemed to grow the balls to do it. As his interests lay in bondage I could understand his nervousness. Of course, I had offered a session without bondage or meeting up for a drink. Turning up at someone’s house and letting them tie you up is a risky business. There are plenty of stories online about how much danger you are putting yourself in.

This particular Sunday he had clearly decided he was going to explore and was desperate to be tied up. I passed on all my details and told him to leave them somewhere or with someone. I also went through all his limits.

The only time he could make was 10 pm and so he turned up then. He was a gay lad but had not done bondage before. When I opened the door he was in black Nike trainers and baseball cap with grey sweat bottoms and hoodie. He had a look of an all-American twink, blonde jock; a very good look.

We got as far as the hallway before we started to kiss each other. I have mentioned before I don’t always kiss my subs. I think it’s best to see how the mood takes me. I’ve also said that kissing seems to relax a nervous newbie and I think it’s important to give them a chance to relax into the situation. Give them something they know to bring them along and into the scene.

As we kissed I knocked his cap off and then slowly moved my hand to his throat. The boi immediately began to breathe differently and clearly loved feeling my firm grip on his throat. His hands stayed at his sides as my other hand slide into the back of his bottoms. The little slut had walked around with no underwear on. I pulled his cheeks apart and he groaned as his boicunt became exposed.

As we continued to kiss I pulled off his hoodie and tee shirt; all the while his hardon was poking straight out. Holding him against the wall by the neck we continued to kiss as I squeezed one of his nipples. He squirmed but made no effort to stop me.

I ordered his trainers and bottoms off. He stood before me in some black and blue stripped socks. I had left the collar in the bedroom for later; no need to rush with this one.

Opening his mouth I spat inside and he swallowed deeply. As I held his neck I spoke into his ear and told him he better be a good boi for me. I also told him how brave he had been and he should enjoy himself.

As I do I gently slapped his hardon and laughed as he jumps backwards. The boi was being a lot more submissive than he hinted at. Clearly, he was getting off on being treated a little rough. Taking him by the scruff of the neck I pushed him to my bedroom. Where I ordered him onto his knees.

Once in its natural position, I rubbed the back of its neck and rubbed its face against my trackie bottoms. The sub practically purrs in delight. I held my collar in front of its eyes.


“Ready, Sir.”

He has the side of his head shaved and then well-kept blonde on top. The design is ideal for pulling his mouth into position. After some more spit, I made him beg to suck my cock. The submissive was rapidly taking over and the boi was embracing his position.

As I pulled down my black CKs my hard, thick cock revealed itself to the bottom. The boi stared at it and also looked up to make eye contact; a look that expressed all his desires.

When my cock finally springs out it found a new home inside the warm, wet mouth of this sub. He had already said he has not had cock for a month so I decided not to tease it more. Happily, the sub accepted his role and proved himself to be a very good oral performer.

He continued with his sexy looks up and I give him a couple of slaps; they only encourage him. I notice as the boi licks and sucks he quite often stuck his nose in the crevice where groin meets leg. This is an excellent place for getting the scent of a man. The boi had refused foot worship but I made a note of his interest in scent for later.

Pulling him onto the bed we rolled around some more and I felt his comfort level growing. As we played I kept holding onto his collar. Reminding the boi that he was mine and getting him used to wearing the item of Ownership.

Allowing the boi to continue to suck me I reached down and being my wrist cuffs out. Without looking up the boi allowed the new items to be placed on him.

Pulling off my tee shirt I pushed his face into my armpit and was not surprised by his joy as he scented his face with my sweat.

“Time for rope, boi.”

“Yes, Sir. Please, Sir.”

The sub lay down in the centre of the bed and I kneel astride his chest. We had already agreed to face up spread eagle to start with. I showed the boi the rope and drew it over his body. The lad’s hardon had not gone down once for the entire time in my flat; though it remained untouched.

I reached over and tied his right hand to the bedpost. After threading the rope around the back of the bed a tied his left hand similarly. Finally, the boi is bound and seemed very happy in this new situation. Holding his neck I bend down and we kissed for a while.

I took the decision not to bind his feet. There was no need to rush and I wanted to be able to release him quickly if he became uncomfortable. Plus my plans for the boi were better served with movable legs. I slapped the side of his face and tell him to give me a smile. A happy, greedy smile broke out across his face and I knew he was enjoying himself.

I pulled out my ball gag and showed him the device. He had already expressed interest in gags and the black ball clearly attracted his eyes. I placed the ball in his mouth and tell him there was no need to fix it in place if he didn’t want. The boi immediately pulled up his head sending a clear message he wanted the gag properly in place. It was horny to see the sub silently begging for more.

With the ball gag in place, I decided now was the ideal time to see just how much this sub loved man smell. I pull out my sweaty, scented jockstrap and tell him I want him to sniff it. Once it was placed over his face I see the grubby cloth move up and down as he sniffed the scent out of it. Clearly, there was going to be no protesting.

Bending down I took a nipple in my mouth, slowly licking it and using my teeth to play. The sub was clearly very sensitive in this region but also loved having them treated a little mean.

I moved between the boi’s legs and held them up for a look at his hole. With some lube on my fingers, I began to work on his tight boicunt. The jockstrap goes up and down faster. This sub was all about his hole.

We had talked about butt plugs and I tell him I’m putting the first one in. The small one slides in comfortably and I played with it for a while. Pulling it out till the thickest part was in his ring and giving it a little stretch.

“As a good gay boi that one is easy for you. Only straight lads moan about it. Time for medium.”

With the middle plug lubed I pushed that into him. The shiny black rubber object slid on inside and the sub clearly loved the attention. He had not done plugs before but was desperate to try. In this bound position he had little choice. I repeated the action of rocking the thicker part in and out of him. At one point I used my lubed hand to rub his cock and the sub practically shook with excitement.

The boi was still gagged and taking my scent when I lubed up the third butt plug; the largest one. I tell him what is coming as he could not see. He practically lifted his arse off the bed to encourage me to get it inside him.

Butt Plug

The third plug slid inside and its journey slowed as it approached the widest section. The boi was clearly trying but couldn’t quite swallow it all inside. I gave him time to adjust and continued to work his hole to fit it all in.

I removed the jock and he looked up for my for approval. I told him he was doing good and taking the plugs well. Leaning over him I released a slow spit which dripped down to the ball gag and then slid around into his mouth. I gave the side of his face a few slaps.

Removing the plug I tell the boi it’s time for something more interesting to go into him. I rubbered up and with a smearing of lube, a entered his hungry hole. Even after the plugs, his ring tightened around my shaft and the boi welcomed me into his most intimate zone.

With his legs over my shoulders, I began to give the boi a good pounding. His noise was being muffled by the ball but he clearly loved it. He watches on, unable to move or speak. His body there for my pleasure.

As I continue to fuck him his feet reach to my headboard and he gripped the bar with his toes. It is horny to see him offering up his boicunt and wanting me as deep inside him as possible. I gave his nipples a squeeze as I used him.

After a good fuck, I decided to give him a rest. As I pull out though I think his stretched hole looked empty. I plug it with the largest plug and this time, with a groan, it went all the way in.

With his legs back on the bed, I gave him a moment to adjust to the rubber object inside his arse. From the look of him, he didn’t need that much time.

I showed him my pinwheel and then demonstrated it on my chest to show it won’t harm him. As the small pins ran over him he squirmed and groaned. I laughed as it was fun to watch the bitch deal with the strange experience.

At this point, as he’s a newbie, I unbuckled the wrist cuffs and remove the ball gag. We relaxed together for awhile and talked about how much he was loving being my sub.

After awhile I asked if he’s ready for more fucking. He jumped up and presented himself to me. I moved him around so I can stand next to the bed and thrust inside him hard. With the plug removed, I’m soon back inside and where I belong.

I grabbed both his hands and hold them as I fuck him. It meant his face was buried in my mattress and he could not move away. In fact, I pulled his arms towards me and explored deeper inside him.

Pulling out I flipped the boi on his back and gave him permission to wank. I don’t usually let a sub cum but sometimes I can be generous. I knelt on the bed with my cock pointed at his face.

As he released his load I played with his nipple and then shot my seed all over his face. The boi looked even cuter with my cum spunked across his face.

The boi visibly relaxed and had a stretch.

“I’m going to sleep well tonight, Sir.”

“Not watching the Super Bowl?”

As I’ve mentioned Super Bowl and American Jocks I thought you might like some pixs …

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