From New Mexico To New Tricks (Part 2)

 New Mexico

This is Part two of a session I had with an American tourist in London. If you want to read Part 1 first, please click here.

I decided it was time to change tactics, it was time for bondage. I pushed the boi onto his back and climbed off the bed. Reaching into my box I pulled out ankle cuffs and buckled them around his socks. After that, I put the wrist cuffs into position. The boi remained quiet and watched as I prepared him. Tying a rope to the right ankle cuff I threaded it through the bed’s frame and over to the other side where I tied down his left foot. Taking another rope I tied the boi’s arms in a similar way. I stood at the bottom of the bed and took photos of the boi in this spread eagle position. It was the first time he has been tied up and it was good to stand back and let him give the ropes a tug; let him realise he had given up control.

To relax the boi I climbed onto the bed and sat on his chest; my cock in his face. He struggled but he managed to get me into his mouth and he sucked away as I sat astride him. He was clearly happy to have my cock back inside him.

Reaching down I brought up some white pegs and smiled as the boi nervously watched. I already knew he’s liked to squirm when his nipples were tugged so it would be funny to watch as the pegs grip on his tiny nipples.

Nipples pegs

As I thought he moved around to try and relieve the pain from the pegs squeezing on his sensitive nipples. The boi made no complaint, though. He knew he was coming here to be treated like this, to be treated correctly. He probably thought that’s the end of it but then I peg up his cock and balls. He squirmed and pulled at the ropes but there was nothing he could do.

pegs cock ballsHaving played around with the pegs I pull them off and enjoy his gasps as they release their grip on his delicate areas. I put some back on his ball sack just to pull them off again. He pulled a face but still no complaint. The boi had truly accepted its position.

With the pegs removed I decided the boi was groaning too much so I pulled out my ball-gag. I hold the lad’s head up and fix the gag into place. The boi now stares up at me silently. I spit on the rubber black ball and watch the saliva slip over the ball and into the boi.

Now seemed the right time to remind the boi of his Master Scent; so I covered his face with my sweaty jock. Lying next to him I ordered him to breathe in deeply through his nose and exhale. The exercise relaxes the boi but he still remained rock hard. I gently touched his cock and teach him to associate my stink with pleasure. Bound, as he was, his world is limited to the light coming through the jockstrap. His nose is full of the overpowering scent of my sweaty jock. Touch wise he could not use his hands but he could feel my fingers gently running up and down his cock. Even through the ball-gag the boi let out a groan of sheer delight.

collared and ball-gag

Getting off the bed I left the boi alone for a period. I watched him tug at the ropes; not in an attempt to escape but in the desire to grab his cock. The poor boi was so turned on but had no way to pleasure himself. I smiled at his predicament as a leave the room and head to the kitchen. When I return the ice was cold in my hands but not as cold as it felt to the boi when I rub it on his nipples. When I moved it to his other nipple I lick and suck on the wet nipple. The feeling of cold to warm makes the boi strain at his restraints but there was no escape for the cunt. Moving the ice to his cock I laughed as his tries to deal with the new sensation. The jockstrap is doubling up as a blindfold and he just has to accept what I’m doing to his body.

bound jock collar

With the ice melting, I pop it into his mouth and unseen by him I bring out my pinwheel. I ran the strange looking medical device up the boi’s thigh and across his chest. Varying the degree I push down on it. The steel pins would never break his skin but the strange feeling of the tiny heads drives the boi mad. I asked him if he has read about my pinwheel on my blog and he non-verbally confirms he had. It’s good when a boi does his research. It was fun to watch the sub squirming below me and having no say in the abuse I give his body.


Untying the ropes I put the boi onto his knees and pull his arms back so they were near his ankles. I then used padlocks to lock his ankle cuff to the wrist cuff on the same side. The boi’s arse is pushed into the air and is clearly there to be abused. Putting some lube on my hand I slide a finger into his hole. I’m surprised by how tight and warm it was. I realise to get inside this boicunt is going to take some effort.

butt plugAfter the tight ring has got used to a finger I lube up my smallest butt plug and push it into the boicunt. The gagged boi moans but cannot complain as the black plug slides into him. Once the small plug is in it does not really stretch a boi so the key is to pull it out to the thickest point and then gently rock the plug in and out to open the boi up. As I do that the boi’s rocking body showed me he was loving having his ring played. I lube up the medium butt plug. As the new plug entered, the boi felt his arse filling up and slowly moans in pleasure. The second plug goes in easier than the first and clearly the boi is warming up for a good fucking. The thicker plug is soon opening the boi up and I knew his tight ring is now ready for my thick cock. Putting the plug down I rubber and lube up my cock and knelt behind the boi. He clearly realised what was happening and began to wiggle his arse to encourage me inside him. I needed no encouragement though and placing my cock at his ring I pushed inside.

Despite opening up his ring, it still gripped tightly to my hard-on and I loved the feeling. With three-quarters of my cock in him I give the boi a quick moment to get used to being filled up. The sub boi had told me earlier he didn’t think I would get inside him so it is great to look down and see I’m inside. Slowly I rocked the boi on my cock and he groaned as he accepted his man into him. Once I started though I naturally speed up and began to give the cunt the pounding it needs. Gripping his thin waist I pulled him down onto to me as I thrust forward. From the ball-gag comes a grunting sound and I knew the boi was loving being put in his place and having some British beef in his American arse.

After a good pounding, I pause but the boi keeps rocking and I let him fuck himself for a while. It is always a good sign when a fag wants to fuck himself with my cock. I reached down and unlock both the padlocks and remove the ball-gag. The boi slides down on the bed and lies flat on his front. He asks for a break so I lie onto of his and allowed him the pleasure of feeling his master’s weight on top of him. After a few minutes, the boi spoke.

“Please fuck me again Sir!”


I turned the boi over and lifted his feet onto my shoulders. My cock went back to the sub’s hole and slid easily into it. I start off at a good pounding rate and this time I look down onto the boi’s face. His eyes kept rolling back and he is clearly he needed this. I spat into his open mouth and he swallowed it. I love having white socks up in the air and knowing a little slut is letting my take my pleasure from his body. I kept fucking away and watching the boi’s face as he took me. I could feel sweat breaking out on my back as I continued being balls-deep in the sub.

The boi suddenly starts to beg to be allowed to cum. Sometimes I don’t let a sub spunk but as this one was on holiday and sharing a room I decide to give him this treat. As I think about the request he kept begging and is clearly close. He even told me it has been a week since he has cum. So I gave him the nod.

Pulling out my cock I kneel over him and join him in wanking. In no time my spunk is desperate to be released after our long session. My orgasm finally arrived and is a blessed release. The feeling is amazing as my seed squirts out of me and sprays across the boi’s chest. When he saw how covered he was his spunk began to flow and a large pool of spunk arrives.

Spunk covered chest

I took his feet off my shoulders and rest them on the bed as the boi tried to get his breath back. When he finally did he only had three words to say.

“Thank you, Sir.”

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