Red Sock Revolt: Rook Prison


The story of the Red Sock Revolt continues in the latest instalment.

At the end of book one, a trap was sprung on the planners behind the revolt. How can they recover?

RSR-RP-Cover1-smMeanwhile, at the heart of the British Government, the Prime Minister continues to push his worldwide plan to reduce the planet’s population. Alan Brownman MP has been promoted to the Minister of Population but he needs a strong alliance with Paula Knight after he revealed a secret to her. But will he be able to use his new position to get what he truly wants? Alan will also have to make friends away from politics to achieve his aims.

Far away from the gilded halls of Westminster, we will also visit the grim reality of Rook Prison. This military ran establish sits on the coastline of South East Britain and is controlled by Colonel Bishop. The prisoners are left to their own devices within their levels of the tower; this means they have come up with their own entertainment.

Click on the Kindle links below to be taken to Amazon’s website. This is a gay erotic novelette of just over 20,000 words. For adult readers only. You can read a free preview of this book by clicking here.

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