The capital of Thailand is not known for its kinky side but it is certain known for its sex! I did see one fetish bar in Bangkok but it was for straight men and had women sat outside with whipping sticks! I didn’t go inside.

Grindr seems to be the app of choice and there’s plenty going on on there. I also turned on Recon and within 10 minutes had a western sub offering me a suck&go. Within the hour though I had a Thai lad approach me and offer to be my slave. He went as far as to offer to serve me however I wanted; which gave me an idea.

I was alone and new to Bangkok. I wanted fun but also wanted to see the city. So I told the boi he was to serve as my tour guide and if he was good enough he would get to serve my cock. The boi jumped at the chance to surrender his will to mine. That afternoon he presented himself outside my hotel and the tour started.

We explored lots of the city museums and the boi enjoyed serving so much he came back to show me the temples later in the week. Having a local and Thai speaker really improved the holiday and took lots of the worry off me. The boi was an obedient sub and went all out to make his tour interesting. He called me Sir throughout the time with him. I got to see the city through knowledgeable eyes and then I got to take him back to my hotel.

As my Recon profile has a link to this blog the boi knew how I used subs. He said he had already had a wank to Loser Sucks Cock.

Once alone I pulled off his clothes and soon the Thai slave stood before me in just his grey socks. From behind I pulled him into my body and held his head back by his thick black hair.

“So boi you have served me all day and now you get to worship my cock.”

“Yes Sir. I want to. I’ve been thinking of it all day.”

“You dirty little slut. I bet you made us walk further just so my feet would be sweater.”

Both days with him we had walked a lot in the late January sunshine. My feet, balls and pits sweating away. I spat near to his mouth and he used his tongue to get my treat inside him. I smiled as I pushed him to the ground and moved him to my trainers. The boi looked good on his hands and knees.

With my trainers in front of him any niceties whilst on our tour were forgotten; the boi knew its role. After worshipping my footwear I enjoyed the groan of delight when it was pulled off and he got a nose full of my sweaty sock. As he inhaled his Master’s smell I gave his arse some smacks; the boi thanked me. Sitting back I allowed the sub the time it needed with my sock.

Ordering the sock removed a felt his wet tongue on my skin for the first time. The tongue explored my foot but was clearly heading towards my toes. Once there I felt it slip between each toe and taste the treat waiting there. The boi looked up and seemed proud to be watched as he licked my foot clean. He also enjoyed the next command: Do the other one now.

With my feet cleaned I stand up before the kneeling sub and remove my shorts. The boi rubbed his face on my underpants and licked the area where thigh and pants meet. As I stood there I felt him blowing air around my balls. Pulling my pants down I let my cock fall out and hit the sub in the face. He looked up into my eyes with my cock lying on his face.

“You want cock fag?”

“I want to taste your British cock Sir.”

“You sure?”

“I’m your fag. It’s what I’m here for.”

With my pants kicked aside the boi finally got to slide down my thick pole. The boi happily gave me a wet blow job. Pleased to finally have its Master’s manhood inside of it.

Climbing onto the bed I ordered the slave to follow. Resting against the headboard I let the boi get on with his purpose in life. He lay flat on the hotel bed with arse raised, arms under my legs and a mouthful of cock; a happy position for Master and slave.

Reaching down I held the sides of his head and moved his head up and down fast. Sending a clear message: I don’t care what you think your head is for, it’s a hole for me to fuck.

After giving the slave some free time with my cock I rest my hand on his head and push him right down. The slave doesn’t resist and welcomes me deep inside it. Holding him down I feel him begin to struggle for air. I kept him down there though. When I finally let go he pulled away for much needed air. Strings of his salvia ran between his mouth and my cock. Once he hasd his breath back he thanked me. I slapped his face and told him he’s a slut.

Times passes and I enjoy the boi on my cock. I also move him to my pits to let him sniff and lick them. Then I order him to the end of the bed on all fours. I walk behind him and check out his arse and boicunt. Lubing a finger I slide into his tight Thai hole. He groans which makes me enjoy it more.

Reaching to my travel bag I grab a condom and roll it down the shaft of my cock. The boi excitedly wiggles his arse. Standing behind him I position my cock head at his hole and start to slide on it.

The boi whimpers as I push through his tight ring. He grips onto to me and it feels great on my cock. After giving him a moment to adjust I start to slowly fuck him. The whimpering gets loud and it is like a call to pound harder. I grab his waist and pull him back. Telling him to stop moving forward. His face lies half in view as he pushes against the mattress. I spit on it and watch his tongue appear to collect the wet reward. Removing one hand I give his arse a slapping. He murmurs his thanks into the bedding. The pounding get harder and the boi takes it. Accepting his role as a hole for his Master to fuck.

As my cock slides in and out I feel his arse adjusting and needing me inside. Soon the boi is grunting in delight as I continue to take my pleasure. As I feel myself close to cumming I stop and slide out. Looking down I see his hole remains opens and begging for fucking. I remove the condom and sit back on the bed. Clicking my fingers the fag is called back to orally pleasure me. He works hard and I feel his salvia running down the side of my balls.

Soon I am back at the point of climax and this time I let my balls empty. The slave’s mouth fills and he swallows down my seed. Dragging my spunk deep down into him.

Looking up the boi speaks.

“What else can I do for you Master.”

“Clean yourself up and then take me to a nice place to eat.”


In our subsequent meetings a make the boi kneel in the shower so I can drench him in my piss; he drinks it too. I also make him suck me in front of my high up hotel room window; telling him all of Bangkok can see what a fag he is. After that I make him carry my luggage as I can’t be bothered to. Why have a dog and bark? He sends me a message later: “It has been a pleasure to serve you Sir.”

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