So I was about to give up with Sydney as the locals seem to have to have no interest in tourists to the city. As a destination it is a lovely place but don’t come alone as you will be ignored. Don’t get me wrong the local guys look very hot, they are more interested in jogging than visitors to the city.

After over a week here I spotted a 20 year old twink near to me on Grindr and decided to say Hello. To be honest I was saying hello to most guys who looked decent as I was bored of being ignored. The lad replied back instantly. Then he said he was a tourist and was having no luck either. I felt a little better knowing a good looking 20 year old was having the same problems as me.

After a brief chat I got the boi talking about fetishes and he said he had a thing about being shrunk and living in a man’s shoes. I smiled to myself and knew I had the boi. I revealed I had written a book about that subject called Honey: I Shrunk the Gay.

Suddenly the little twink was falling over himself to get used. He was sharing with a straight mate but could get away for a short period. He asked where I was. When we realised we were in the same hotel I couldn’t stop the boi from getting the lift.

A quiet knock on the door marked the sub’s arrival. Opening the door the boi was dressed in trainers, black shorts and black tee-shirt. Without invite he came in and pulled off his tee-shirt. As I pulled down his shorts and underwear he kicked off his trainers. In no time he was stood in white socks; one with red stripes the other blue. His body looked hot and he was already hard.

He had already said he only had 10 minutes so it would be a quick session. We kissed and then I push in to the floor. I threw off one of my Nikes and held my black sock over his face. Groans of pleasure filled the room as my scent filled the boi. The three day old sock had been walked around Sydney and had a strong scent; clearly the twink loved manly smells.

With the other Nike removed I stood on his chest and he squirmed in delight.

“Sir I’d love to live under your feet. Smelling you always.”

I moved the new sock over his nose and enjoyed the sound of his taking my smell in. I gave his face a slap and he took it without complaint. Bending down I tugged his nipples and he moved about to escape my squeezing.

“Sorry Sir. I’m going to cum.”

He had said this would be a quick session so I allowed him to squirt his white liquid over his chest. I sat on him and cock slapped him around the face. He clearly loved it.

As he left he asks if he could come back. I said Sure and with that he returned to his room four flights below mine.

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