Macrophilia or Microphilia


In the Gaydar Feet/Socks Chat Room there is always someone interesting to speak to. Recently I was talking to a guy who was obsessed with the idea of being an inch high and then worshipping a man. He loved the idea of being tiny to a normal-sized guy. I found this a strange idea: What am I suppose to do with a sub who is an inch high? Then there was the idea that this was total fantasy and could never happen.

Some of my wank fantasies are not totally possible, for example having a member of a boy band as a sex slave. However, I could meet up with a lad with boy band looks and have a role play of the fantasy. There is no way that this guy is ever going to be an inch high and live out his wank dream. It will forever be a fantasy. I felt a little sorry that he would never realise his dream. Even my desire for the cute straight lad at work might happen, if I get him drunk enough one day!

Land of the Giants

My mind did drift back to watching Land Of The Giants being repeated on Sundays by Channel 4. I always enjoyed the show, it never set off any desires within me though. In other popular culture Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels is still a popular book, with TV and movie spin offs. Also the famous Eat Me and Drink Me treats within Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland.

Macrophilia is the desire to used by a giant and Microphilia the need to be small. Of course these could be the same thing depending on how you look at it. If you were small than you would be worshipping a giant, but the giant would actually be normal size. From looking on the web the whole fetish seems to be more about straight men wanting to worship giant woman. This is aimed at the idea of Amazonian women, where the sexual nature is highlighted a lot more.

A quick look on the Macrophilia Wikipedia page does highlight certain sub-categories to this fetish too. Special interests include: feet, breast, being eaten and being crushed. So at least my friend is not alone with his desire to live inside a Nike.

To indulge in his fantasy I agreed to Skype with him where the web-cam was left on the floor and I just went about getting on with my cooking. He seemed to love his worm-eyed view of my kitchen. Every time I glanced at the screen he was furiously wanking away.

He is also a fan of my mini-series the Boy Band Slave, so I agreed to write a short story about a short gay. The short story is now finished and called Honey: I Shrunk The Gay.

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