Honey: I Shrunk The Gay

Honey: I Shrunk The Gay

A Microphilia Journey

Honey: I Shrunk The GayJames Burton is a rugby playing university student who is loving life. Though he does have secrets, and one of his secrets has been discovered.

Having been approached by a stranger he is now not only questioning how he has been discovered, but also his sexuality.

Join James in the ebook on a big journey of discovery where thrills and danger wait in the most unexpected of places. Where even the known can be scaled up to a whole new level of intrigue and danger.

This ebook is available for the Amazon Kindle and you can read a free preview by clicking here. This is a gay adult novelette of around 20,000 words. The book is currently rated 4 stars on Amazon and reviews have said “fantastic fictional fantasy novel based on gay macrophilia” and “great to see this fetish taking hold in M/M romance“.


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