inferior males

Welcome to my blog. Even as an inferior I expect you to have worked out that I am a Master and I am based in London.

I believe that inferior males should know their place and be content to be put in that place. You are there to serve and please men. You are happiest when there is a firm hand ready to guide you to your purpose. Your purpose is decided by me.

I have used many males. Whether they are just setting off on their journey or well along the road. I do not need experience from you, just willingness.

In this blog I will highlight some of my stories and uses for inferior males. If you are ever in London you may beg (or pay) for use.

2 thoughts on “inferior males

  1. Hi Sir

    I would like to be contracted to enslavement as a gimp, I’m straight and wish you could be my owner
    The need for this is so much it doesn’t matter about gender, all rights to be taken away from me to be a good slave is all I want to be
    Letting you be my first ever male boyfriend I would like to be trained to like gay things and handle the most torturous situations and be in bondage for long periods of time only thing I ask is I be hooded and permanently chastised
    To be filmed in our journey of bdsm is a very big turn on

    Slave Mike


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